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Council considers ‘taking over’ unlicensed private rental properties

A council has reported that its Selective Licensing scheme has had only 43% take-up from landlords after two years.  And a report...

17 July 2024

From: Breaking News

What Britain's Biggest Landlord Tells Its Tenants

Housing has emerged as a key talking point during Labour's first few days in government. This comes at a fractious time for...

13 July 2024

From: Agent Advice

HMRC's Property Tax Rules: Fines and Lesser-Known Facts

As a homeowner in the UK, navigating the complex landscape of taxes and regulations enforced by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)...

29 June 2024

From: Tax & Finance

Tenants should ask landlords these questions, says Build To Rent giant

Build To Rent giant Grainger has issued a checklist of questions which it advises tenants to ask their landlords before agreeing...

27 June 2024

From: Breaking News

HMO landlords heavily reliant on property for sole income

Half of HMO landlords say their property or portfolio is their sole source of income. Just under 30% of landlords who took...

25 June 2024

From: Breaking News

Labour v Conservative Housing Policy - an analysis

“When it comes to housing policy, there is little difference between the two major parties” says Aneisha Beveridge, head of research...

22 June 2024

From: The Big Issues

Caps on Holiday Lets and Rent Controls in latest manifesto

Plaid Cymru, the party of Wales, has issued a manifesto with a clampdown on the private rental sector as one of...

17 June 2024

From: Breaking News

Tory Rental Reform and Housing Policies in Full

The Conservatives have set out a 78-page manifesto, of which just over two pages are given to housing and related issues.  Here...

12 June 2024

From: Breaking News

Capital Gains Tax scrapped for landlords selling to tenants - Tory pledge

The Conservatives say they will scrap Capital Gains Tax for landlords who sell to sitting tenants, if they win the General...

11 June 2024

From: Breaking News

Sell off of Airbnbs leads to glut of properties on market

There’s been a big rise in the supply of homes for sale - 20% up on this time last year. This is...

30 May 2024

From: Breaking News

Labour Mayor splashes council tax cash on landlord clampdown

Newly re-elected Greater Manchester Labour Mayor Andy Burnham is to spend £600,000 of council tax payers’ cash on a clampdown on...

17 May 2024

From: Breaking News

Government insulation scheme flops with tiny take-up so far

Figures from the Department for Energy and Net Zero indicate that only 4,648 households so far have taken advantage of the...

09 May 2024

From: Breaking News

Warning to landlords: Ignorance over tenancy types can cost you

A call has gone out from an industry group for landlords and letting agents to be sure they know the distinctions...

03 May 2024

From: Breaking News

Backfired! Councils LOSE money through second home tax premiums - claim

A politician is claiming that second home council tax premiums, where owners pay up to double the normal rate, is resulting...

29 April 2024

From: Breaking News

Can Solar Panels Cut The Cost of Heating Water?

The average water bill has risen by 6% in England and Wales in recent days, which could see households having to...

13 April 2024

From: Top tips & guides

Hot Stuff - more landlords prioritise energy efficiency when buying

A mortgage firm that works with landlords claims an increasing number of them prioritise energy efficiency when assessing properties to buy.  Some...

04 April 2024

From: Breaking News

Councils set to grab over half a billion from higher tax

Changes to empty home council tax rates could generate an additional £540m from Monday, a lettings agency claims. Since April 2013, billing...

27 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Another council slaps 100% extra tax on property owners

A council has agreed a council tax rise of an additional 100% on second home and long-term empty homes, despite widespread...

26 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Gift Vouchers for union members discussing with Generation Rent

Members of the union UNISON who participate in round-table discussions with activist group Generation Rents are to receive gift vouchers for...

26 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Trading Standards defends new property sales process

Trading Standards has defended the introduction of ‘material information’ requirements on details of properties for sale, after a conveyancer warned landlords...

25 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Landlords selling up may face higher costs, warns conveyancing solicitor

Landlords quitting the sector could have to spend hundreds of pounds more when selling their home owing to new Trading Standards...

22 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Council Tax Rebates for renters - think tank’s suggestion

A think tank is urging the UK government to consider tax perks for private renters to help them save faster for...

21 March 2024

From: Breaking News

300 per cent council tax premium proposed for long-term empty homes

Cardiff council is proposing new measures to help bring long-term empty houses back into use. Tomorrow it’s considering introducing a council tax...

06 March 2024

From: Breaking News

New attack on Airbnb landlords - possible charge for bin collections

Media outlets in Scotland are reporting that Edinburgh council is considering charging short let landlords for bin collections. The plans are to be...

28 February 2024

From: Breaking News

Ouch! Landlord hit with £1.4m Proceeds of Crime penalty

A landlord who was involved in a decade-long dispute with a London council has been hit with a £1.44 million penalty...

28 February 2024

From: Breaking News

Countryside campaigners back Gove on short lets clampdown

Countryside campaigning charity CPRE has given a warm welcome to Michael Gove’s clampdown on short lets. Last week Housing Secretary Gove announced...

26 February 2024

From: Breaking News

Tax Demand - premiums slapped on second homes and empty properties

Dorset councillors have approved proposals for a council tax premium on second homes and a tightening up on its existing premium...

19 February 2024

From: Breaking News

Huge rise in councils using bailiffs to recover unpaid rent

Some local authorities are quick to criticise private landlords for trying to avoid rent arrears but it appears councils themselves have...

24 January 2024

From: Breaking News

Labour council doubles tax on short lets and second homes

Labour-controlled Haringey Council in London says the owners of short lets and furnished holiday homes will be forced to pay double...

22 January 2024

From: Breaking News

Airbnb gives its landlords tax tips to satisfy HMRC

Airbnb has taken further steps to get in the good books of HMRC by issuing a guide on tax for its...

12 January 2024

From: Breaking News

Agent lifts lid on what high-end tenants expect…and what they get

According to a London property management company, the profile of renters in prime London is varying hugely.  Glenfield Property Management says that...

28 December 2023

From: Breaking News

HMRC Self-Assessment Helpline slammed for not helping callers

A business consultancy claims the HMNRC Self-Assessment helpline - set up to assist those compiling and filing tax returns as the...

21 December 2023

From: Breaking News

Tax - Eight Reasons You Could Pay More in 2024

After the Autumn Statement unveiled a major tax cut for January, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ll pay less tax in...

09 December 2023

From: Tax & Finance

Many More Details expected when landlords advertise properties

Landlords will have to include many more specific points about their properties when they list them in future - whether directly...

01 December 2023

From: Breaking News

Landlords urged to claim eco-improvement cash if eligible

A range of grants, including new and enhanced schemes, are available to help landlords improve the energy efficiency of homes and...

03 November 2023

From: Breaking News

HMO Council Tax breakthrough 'may not save landlords money'

The breakthrough on council tax and HMOs, announced just before the weekend, may not be all that it seems. That’s the view...

31 October 2023

From: Breaking News

Council Tax victory for landlords of HMOs

Renters in shared housing stand to save up to £1,000 - and the National Residential Landlords Association says it is the...

30 October 2023

From: Breaking News

Council Tax 300% Hike - “huge numbers” of holiday lets sell up

“Huge numbers” of small family-run holiday lettings businesses in Wales are selling up because of new restrictions and large tax hikes. New...

23 October 2023

From: Breaking News

Tenants with pets and children pay more, survey claims

Parents and pet owners are paying as much as £460 per month more for rent and bills, it’s claimed. The claim comes...

10 October 2023

From: Breaking News

Vast numbers of homes lie empty despite demand for properties

New research shows that 676,000 homes in England are sitting empty. The research comes from property purchasing firm House Buyer Bureau which...

06 October 2023

From: Breaking News

Politician likens buying a second home to “forced eviction”

The Scottish National Party councillor for Oban North and Lorn - which includes the village of Plockton, made famous by the...

19 September 2023

From: Breaking News

Anti-landlord policy will slash house values by 5% admits council

A local authority is reported to have said that a controversial new policy will reduce house values by five per cent. Gwynedd...

14 September 2023

From: Breaking News

Council to spend £17m of public funds on two licensing schemes

Bristol’s Labour-controlled council says it wants to spend some £17m of local council tax payers’ money on two new licensing schemes...

31 August 2023

From: Breaking News

Higher Taxes for Second Homes - landlords urged to have a say

There are only a few days left for landlords to have input to a government consultation on council tax hikes for...

22 August 2023

From: Breaking News

Tax Shock - property firm wants landlords to pay even more

A long-standing and respected property firm has slammed the government for presiding over the “mess” of taxes applied to holiday lets...

07 July 2023

From: Breaking News

Council Tax shows “relentless climb” says pressure group

Households are being hammered by higher council tax rates year after year with no sign of local authorities moderating the burden,...

15 June 2023

From: Breaking News

Tory MP wants “locals first” policy against short lets

A Tory MP representing a popular tourist area has attacked the proliferation of short lets, and wants a “locals first” policy...

26 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Pilot study into Airbnb and second homes effect on communities

An area has been identified for a two-year study of the impact which second homes, Airbnbs, other holiday lets and empty...

25 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Labour Mayor wants powers to seize empty properties

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, wants new powers to impose higher tax on empty homes - and even seize them...

24 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Stamp Duty Surcharge: Labour considers raising it even higher

Labour is considering raising the buy to let and holiday home stamp duty surcharge above the current three per cent if...

15 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Warning to landlords switching to holiday lets - It won’t be easy

Rising numbers of landlords are likely to switch to specialising in holiday rentals and short-term lets in the months ahead, an...

03 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Second homes to be clobbered with more than double council tax

Councils are to be given powers to enact huge tax increases on second homes and empty properties, the Scottish Government proposes. New...

18 April 2023

From: Breaking News

PropTech study paints bleak picture of landlord sentiment

As landlords face losses as high as £7,500 this year – thanks to increased mortgage and living costs alongside a tax overhaul...

12 April 2023

From: Breaking News

Business Rates v Council Tax - eligibility rules set out

The government’s Valuation Office Agency has set out the eligibility rules which now  apply to self-catering properties in England and Wales. Properties...

06 April 2023

From: Breaking News

Councils treat landlords like cash machines says mortgage chief

A mortgage chief has accused local authorities of treating private landlords like cash machines. Justin May, chief executive of EHF Mortgages, makes...

31 March 2023

From: Breaking News

Tax Change Delayed as government drags its feet over Bill

The plans of many local authorities to double the council tax levels for second homes and some empty properties from April...

31 March 2023

From: Breaking News

Quick! Only days left to have your say on HMO tax

Landlords have only until Friday to have their say on levying council tax on HMO properties.  This issue has been controversial in lettings...

28 March 2023

From: Breaking News

How To Protect Landlords’ Empty Homes

According to the most recent statistics there are 676,452 vacant properties in England, nearly half a million of which have been...

18 March 2023

From: The Big Issues

Labour candidate on the warpath over the ‘landlord loophole’

A Labour candidate hoping to become the MP in a popular tourist area is on the warpath over what she calls...

15 March 2023

From: Breaking News

Don’t hammer Airbnb landlords with extra council tax - call

A prominent property industry figure says he backs higher council tax for unlet and vacant second homes but warns that Airbnb...

08 March 2023

From: Breaking News

Eco-tax breaks for green landlords under consideration - Propertymark

Lettings agents’ body Propertymark says its proposal for tax incentives to be offered for landlords is one measure under consideration by...

08 March 2023

From: Breaking News

Another council doubles tax on second homes

Dorset council is the latest to agree a policy to double the council tax on second homes and to implement an...

03 March 2023

From: Breaking News

Politicians want tax incentives for landlords to boost energy efficiency

The Welsh Government should consider tax incentives to support improvements to the energy efficiency of private rented housing, according to a...

02 March 2023

From: Breaking News

Are second homes “flipped” to  Airbnb to avoid council tax?

Campaigners behind the National Empty Homes Week - running until March 5 - are accusing some second home owners of “flipping”...

01 March 2023

From: Breaking News

HMO Council Tax win as government may scrap disaggregation

The government has launched the consultation on the controversial subject of disaggregation - a system which has seen council tax bills...

28 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Holiday Lets - the importance of supporting the local community

Last week it was announced that North Devon's second homeowners could pay double the amount of council tax after one year...

25 February 2023

From: Agent Advice

Triple Whammy Tax Attack on landlords proposed for Budget

A controversial new report demands that the government uses next month’s Budget to sharply increase tax burdens for landlords. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s...

24 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Families “turfed out” of private rental homes, claims Labour MP

A Labour MP has told the House of Commons that “families are being turfed out of their private rented homes under...

23 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Labour’s “a home for £1” idea mocked by leading agent

A Labour Party proposal to sell some long-empty homes to first time buyers for just £1 has been dismissed as the...

22 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Tories and Lib Dems unite to hammer holiday let landlords

There’s been something of a love-in on a local authority in a popular tourist area of the UK - with second...

20 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Councils not holding back with tax rises at the maximum allowed

Three quarters of local authorities are set to increase their council tax by the maximum amount in April as they complain...

15 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Landlords may suffer double council tax during void periods

Landlords say housing standards in one of the UK’s biggest cities could sugar because of council tax changes for empty homes. Manchester’s...

14 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Tax shock for holiday let owners when rates change kicks in

The Valuation Office Agency has issued a reminder that changes to eligibility rules for self-catering properties will come into effect from...

13 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Bizarre case of the landlord and the vermin in the back yard

A company which failed to declare its interest in a property which had health and vermin risks has been ordered to...

02 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Second Homes tax hike agreed by all political parties

Plans to impose a premium on council tax for for second homeowners have been approved by Cornwall Council with all-party agreement. The...

19 January 2023

From: Breaking News

Take in a lodger in 2023 to earn some extra cash

If you’re looking to make some extra cash in 2023 as the cost of living continues to bite, you may consider...

14 January 2023

From: Tax & Finance

Do more to help landlords in tourist hotspots, politicians urged

The agents’ trade body Propertymark says it wants the Welsh Government to do more to support landlords letting in tourist hotspots. The...

23 December 2022

From: Breaking News

New short lets and second homes policy - vague government pledge

The government has announced that it’s going to work on a new second homes policy with one particular council - if...

07 December 2022

From: Breaking News

We back higher council tax on second homes, says lettings agency

A holiday lettings agency has taken the unusual step of speaking out in favour of higher council tax for second home...

30 November 2022

From: Breaking News

Huge public funding for extended home insulation programme

The government has announced plans for a £1 billion scheme - called ECO+ - which will see hundreds of thousands of...

29 November 2022

From: Breaking News

Call for landlords to lobby MPs over HMO council tax

A lettings network is urging landlords to back a campaign to abolish council tax re-banding for shared houses. Platinum Property Partners says...

22 November 2022

From: Breaking News

Landlords hit by Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty changes

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has delivered his long-awaited Autumn Statement - the fiscal event which he says will lead to “all of...

17 November 2022

From: Breaking News

Cost of Living Crisis - why landlords need help

To put it mildly, landlords are very rarely subject to an outpouring of sympathy from the general public. When the economy...

12 November 2022

From: The Big Issues

Under Threat - The Holiday Lettings Sector

A confused and complicated approach to holiday homes in England, Scotland and Wales threatens the future of the holiday letting sector...

05 November 2022

From: Tax & Finance

Rent Caps and Cash Help - what students want from government

The country’s main student body is calling on the government to implement a cap on student rents. The National Union of Students...

01 November 2022

From: Breaking News

Council hits Airbnb whole-house lets with huge waste charges

A controversial Labour council aims to make life more expensive for landlords who let out whole properties via Airbnb or other...

08 September 2022

From: Breaking News

See You In Court! Landlords threaten legal action over licensing

A landlord group is threatening legal action following a council’s approval of a new licensing scheme. York council - run by a...

04 August 2022

From: Breaking News

Landlords threatened with fixed penalties  and HMO licence suspensions

Landlords have been warned they risk fixed penalty notices and the loss of HMO licences if students leave rubbish in public...

01 August 2022

From: Breaking News

Delay in council tax premiums imposed on second homes

One of the country’s second home and holiday let hotspots has been told it will be unable to levy extra council...

28 July 2022

From: Breaking News

3 things landlords offering ‘bills included’ tenancies should know

As the cost of energy spikes and the government rolls out new support, landlords and tenants involved in ‘bills included’ rental...

25 July 2022

From: Legislation, Regulation & Compliance

Government tells landlords: Pass on energy rebate to tenants

The government has repeated its demand that landlords pass on energy rebates to tenants. A written parliamentary question on this issue was...

22 July 2022

From: Breaking News

Labour war on holiday lets - UK-wide licensing scheme proposed

Labour wants to bring in a UK-wide licensing system for holiday lets to preserve the “spirit” of costal and rural communities. The...

20 July 2022

From: Breaking News

Generation Rent launches Twitter attack on holiday lets

Generation Rent, which typically attacks all landlords and especially those involved in buy to let, has instead focussed its latest social...

20 July 2022

From: Breaking News

Tory MP backs tighter rules on Airbnbs and other short lets

A Conservative MP who has already suggested a 25 mile limit around some rental properties to reserve them for people with...

14 July 2022

From: Breaking News

Government clampdown on Airbnbs, holiday lets and second homes

Councils will be able to control numbers of second homes and holiday lets under new plans unveiled by the Welsh Government. There...

06 July 2022

From: Breaking News

Government wants national register of short term lets

A review into the effect of short-term lets has been launched by the government.  The government says future policies could involve physical...

30 June 2022

From: Breaking News

Why the Boiler Upgrade Scheme isn’t fit for purpose

Ofgem has announced that the energy price cap will further rise from £1,971 to £2,800 in October this year, amid an...

25 June 2022

From: The Big Issues

Anti-holiday let rules are like a Stalinist regime - claim

A tourism chief has likened new anti-holiday let regulations to those of a Stalinist dictatorship. Ashford Price, secretary of the Welsh Association...

20 June 2022

From: Breaking News

Tax experts warn government to lay off buy to let landlords

Don’t pick on landlords - that’s the message from a leading tax and advisory consultancy. Blick Rothenberg warns that the government needs...

13 June 2022

From: Breaking News

Expert stands up for holiday lets after attacks on second homes

An insurance chief with expertise in the holiday lets sector has stood up for owners who let their properties to holidaymakers...

07 June 2022

From: Breaking News

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