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HUG2 offers energy upgrades to landlords and other homeowners

Phase two of the Home Upgrade Grant (HUG2) is a UK Government-funded scheme for properties in England that are not connected...

11 April 2024

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Massive rise in complaints from social housing tenants

The Housing Ombudsman has revealed figures showing huge increases in the numbers of complaints from tenants on social housing. The Ombudsman says...

13 March 2024

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Labour to force strict repair and anti-mould rules on private landlords

The Labour Party has committed to extending a crackdown on social housing landlords who fail to fix mouldy homes, to include...

31 January 2024

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No new law planned for private landlords and mould

There is to be no comparable law for private landlords, following the introduction of Awaab’s Law. Earlier this week the Department of...

12 January 2024

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Time limits for landlord repairs proposed as part of Awaab’s Law

New plans to clamp down on rogue social landlords who fail to provide safe homes have been announced today. This is part...

09 January 2024

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Council urges tenants to report mould and tells landlords what to do

Private tenants are being encouraged by a local council to report damp and mould issues to their landlords. Shropshire council says private...

14 December 2023

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Tax Bombshell: triple stamp duty surcharge, urges think tank

The government should tax property ‘hoarders’ cashing in on the UK housing market says a left-leaning think tank. A report by the New Economics...

24 November 2023

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Private landlords leasing to council now faced with new deal

A council in Wales is making changes to the system it uses to encourage private landlords to lease their properties to...

23 November 2023

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Student rent rises should be capped, urges housing analyst

A housing analyst says student rent increases should be capped in the same way as social housing rents are. Rory Hughes, writing...

31 October 2023

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Shocking Surge In Landlord Complaints from social housing tenants

The Housing Ombudsman - who presides over all social housing - has revealed a huge surge in what it calls “severe...

18 October 2023

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Vast numbers of homes lie empty despite demand for properties

New research shows that 676,000 homes in England are sitting empty. The research comes from property purchasing firm House Buyer Bureau which...

06 October 2023

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Fire Alarm - landlords and tenants urged to know fire rights

A fire and rescue service is urging tenants to know their rights when it comes to fire safety. Warwickshire Fire and Rescue...

05 October 2023

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Tenants trained to complain about landlords, funded by taxpayers

Social housing tenants are to be encouraged to hold their landlords to account as part of a taxpayer funded training scheme. From free advice on...

27 April 2023

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Domestic abuse survivors ‘failed’ by landlords - claim

A new report claims that many social landlords have inadequate policies to support survivors of domestic abuse. The report, published this week...

26 April 2023

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Triple Whammy Tax Attack on landlords proposed for Budget

A controversial new report demands that the government uses next month’s Budget to sharply increase tax burdens for landlords. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s...

24 February 2023

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Tax and Compulsory Purchase threats to private landlords - new report

Private rental property should be “acquired” and used for social housing according to a think tank. And it says tax penalties, laws...

16 February 2023

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Tens of thousands of rental homes found with damp and mould

The Regulator of Social Housing has warned landlords in that sector to take immediate action over damp and mould. And the regulator...

03 February 2023

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Tens of millions to restore empty homes - but not for private landlords

A £50m scheme to bring more empty homes back to life in Wales - but private land are excluded from applying. The...

02 February 2023

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Rent Cap Minister and Shelter stopped from speaking with politicians

A nine-page legal document outlining landlords’ arguments has effectively stopped a controversial housing minister and campaigning organisations giving evidence to a...

25 January 2023

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Legal challenge to rent controls moves a step closer

A coalition of landlords and lettings groups has submitted a Petition to the Court of Session in Edinburgh seeking a Judicial...

23 January 2023

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Hundreds of warnings issued by council for damp or mould

A newspaper has discovered that over 1,500 warnings for damp or mould have been issued to landlords by just one city...

04 January 2023

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Private landlords should follow new ‘average rent increase’ plan

Propertymark has come out in favour of private landlords being allowed to follow the example of social landlords in agreeing an...

30 December 2022

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‘Government acts to protect tenants’ says Gove in landlord clampdown

Housing Secretary Michael Gove has made an announcement overnight that “the government will always act to protect tenants.” The claim comes as...

24 November 2022

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Latest alarm laws risk overwhelming landlords - warning

Landlords risk being overwhelmed and deterred by the volume of changing legislation surrounding the private rental sector, a PropTech entrepreneur warns. Jonathan...

23 September 2022

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Government ponders rent controls for social housing - report

The authoritative publication Inside Housing says the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities is pondering a formal consultation on limiting...

23 August 2022

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Massive red tape of new rental laws revealed in guidelines

The Welsh Government, which recently pushed back its so-called rental revolution until December, has nonetheless published extensive new guidelines about the...

15 June 2022

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Shelter turns its fire on rogue social landlords

Shelter - for so long an outspoken critic of private rental landlords and letting agencies - has now turned its fire...

10 June 2022

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Government clampdown on sociallandlords in new Bill launched today

Failing social housing landlords could face unlimited fines and Ofsted-style inspections, under the Social Housing (Regulation) Bill being introduced into Parliament...

08 June 2022

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We Told You So!  Landlords React to Labour’s latest reform delay

Landlords have welcomed the latest delays to radical rental reforms which were due to be implemented next month. Ben Beadle, chief executive...

01 June 2022

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Radical rental reforms delayed for six months

There’s embarrassment all round for the Labour-run Welsh Government as it reveals a late delay to its much-hyped rental reform. The reform...

31 May 2022

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Evictions running ahead of official figure - activist claim

Activists claim that the number of evictions using Section 21 is actually in excess of the reported by government. Ministry of Justice...

23 May 2022

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Landlord Alert - new smoke and carbon monoxide rules are imminent

An industry trade body is alerting landlords that new smoke and carbon monoxide alarm rules are likely to be introduced soon -...

20 April 2022

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Nine bad landlords named and shamed under government’s new scheme

The government says it’s going to name and shame what it considers to be bad social landlords, using social media to...

30 March 2022

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New landlord contracts with tenants explained by government

The Welsh Government has set out how the housing law in that country is set to change significantly from July 15...

17 January 2022

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Massive rent rise for social housing tenants expected in the spring

Private landlords get it in the neck for allegedly-high rents but 4.75m families living in social housing in England are facing...

22 December 2021

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Shelter expects eviction ban extension until end of lockdown

Shelter says it expects the current ban on bailiff-enforced evictions to be extended until at least the end of the present...

12 February 2021

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Tenants get more help from private landlords than social landlords

Private landlords have been giving more help to tenants who cannot pay their rent as a result of Covid than those...

18 December 2020

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New partnership aims to help landlords regain possession of their properties

Landlord Action and the Property Redress Scheme, both part of the Hamilton Fraser group, have teamed up to help buy-to-let landlords...

23 September 2020

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BTL landlords ‘can start to take action’ following end of the evictions ban

The six-month tenant eviction ban, which finally ended yesterday, has helped renters that are suffering financial difficulty, but it has also...

21 September 2020

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Coronavirus: Scottish government updates guidance for private landlords

The Scottish government has published updated guidance for private landlords and letting agents to help cope with the existing Covid-19 pandemic.  The...

04 September 2020

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Courts must prioritise rent arrears, anti-social behaviour and domestic violence

While the five-month tenant eviction ban has helped renters that are suffering financial difficulty, it has left landlords powerless to take...

18 August 2020

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Court ruling will be ‘a huge relief to private and social landlords’

The Court of Appeal’s decision to back landlords in the gas safety certificate challenge last week was an enormous relief to...

22 June 2020

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Social landlords could face a £10bn bill to ‘to fix fire safety problems’

The government is being urged to fund a bailout to help social landlords avoid a £10bn bill to fix fire safety...

04 March 2020

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BTL landlords evict fewer tenants

The number of tenants evicted by private landlords has continued to fall, according to data from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). From...

10 September 2019

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Affordability remains a concern for a significant number of tenants

Affordability continues to be a concern for a number of renters north of the border, according to a fresh report from...

27 August 2019

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Evictions specialist wants landlords to have a say on Section 21

There is no such thing as 'no-fault' eviction under Section 21, according to evictions specialist Paul Shamplina. The founder of Landlord Action insists...

02 August 2019

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Universal Credit currently ‘isn’t working as it needs to’

Universal credit is not working in its existing form, with households on the benefit significantly more likely to have housing debt than...

18 July 2019

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Landlords want tenants claiming benefits to be treated ‘fairly and equally’

The Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) is calling for an urgent overhaul of how universal credit is paid, with most landlords north of...

18 June 2019

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Government releases £400m for cladding upgrades

The government has released the first tranche of an estimated £400m to fund the removal and replacement of unsafe cladding on...

19 October 2018

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Discover Legal Advice For Landlords With The Experts At Tozers Solicitors

The Landlord team at Tozers Solicitors act for a wide variety of landlords, from social landlords with a mixed portfolio of...

19 July 2017

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More than 150 tenants evicted in Hull

More private landlords are needed to house the high number of tenants being thrown out of social housing in Hull, new...

19 May 2017

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Right to Buy ‘has had its day’, says CEO of SFHA

Various housing bodies have welcomed the end of Right to Buy in Scotland, more than 35 years after it was first...

02 August 2016

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RLA: Government has “declared war” on landlords

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has accused the Government of declaring war on individual landlords and described 2015 as an “annus...

05 January 2016

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