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Video: Can Simple Billing help Tenants in the Cost of Living Crisis?

The cost of living crisis is arguably impacting on the private rental tenant more than almost any other demographic. Is there a way to help tenants survive the crisis and, ultimately, help landlords too through lower arrears and the maintenance of tenancies?

Utility bill service Glide believes so and in this video interview with Lee Dahill of Angels Media, Glide sales and marketing director Danny Wyrwoll says the concept of simple billing could be a help. 

Wyrwoll is a new recruit to Glide having previously worked at SSE and Spark Energy selling to estate agents and commercial markets for over 10 years. 


The video interview is six and a half minutes long, and exclusively for Landlord Today’s features section readers. It features a (frankly irritating) glitch, switching the speaker’s image to the left hand side of the screen - however, we believe its content is important, so we apologise for the problem.


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    If they don’t know how much the rent is per MONTH and can’t multiply that by 12 then divide that by 52 to find out what they have to pay per WEEK and then divide that by 7 to find out what they have to pay per DAY. Then divide that by the number of people sharing the property to find out what each should PAY. GOD HELP THEM AND US.


    Stephen this is what we have to contend with, academic idiots with useless degrees that are as thick as sugar

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    Stephen, thanks for the maths lesson very good, just a few more calculations and we are oxo, my room is 25% smaller than yours, the box room is 9.75% smaller than mine, the master bedroom is 11% bigger than yours otherwise the facilities are the same, by the way I wants the parking space, should be easy to work out by comparison to HMO regulation’s.


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