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Labour proposes rogue landlord database for London

Labour's London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan has launched his election manifesto and pledged to help the capital’s two million renters.

Khan’s election manifesto includes a database of rogue landlords and a London-wide not-for-profit letting agency.

Khan launched his manifesto for May’s mayoral election in a speech at Canary Wharf.


He said: “Londoners are increasingly spending longer, and spending more, with little prospect of being able to save for a deposit. Yet the reality for far too many of them – including families - is insecure tenancies of a year or less, soaring rents, and often poor quality accommodation.

“That’s why, alongside an ambitious plan for building homes for Londoners, at the very heart of our manifesto is a major package of new measures to support and protect those who rent.

“A London-wide, not-for-profit lettings agency – offering a better deal for tenants and for landlords, with no rip-off fees, longer tenancies and stable rent. A greater chance to save to buy a place of your own.

“Action to promote landlord licensing to drive up standards across the board. And a new online database of rogue landlords for prospective tenants, allowing anyone to find out if their current or future landlord has a bad record.

“My aim is to make renting more secure, while giving renters the opportunity to save a deposit to buy a place of their own.”

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  • Peter Lassman

    If Sadiq Khan wants to propose anything maybe he should think not about the 2 million Renters he is trying to get to vote for him with a bit of Blackmail is vote for me and I'll protect you but instead Propose a BAD TENANT LIST as there are far more bad Tensnts than Bad Landlords and as for a not for profit Estate Agency does he not realise that everything has z cost or maybe he will be an unpaid MAYOR I think not

    Elmar Gasimov

    Hi Peter! We are actually working on something similar. We are currently building a trusted network between landlords and tenants. Find out more on www.rentoo.co.uk

  • icon

    This is typical political crap trying to feather his own nest.
    Why is it that many politicians that know absolutely nothing about the property market try to con the public into thinking they are doing them a favour when usually its just about getting votes.
    When are we going to find a politician that has the balls to actually do something right for the property market irrespective of trying to win certain votes.
    Most of these promises they make never happen and the same with Khans plan, can you imagine the ICO ever allowing a database of bad landlords as who decides what's good and bad and as Peter says above there are many more bad tenants than landlords but that doesn't get any votes.

  • icon

    ....and what about a bad tenant list? It's about time someone stood up for the many landlords who seek to provide a decent home for tenants, are honourable and law-abiding and do everything to keep up with the plethora of legislation that is continually introduced by anti-landlord government. On top of that, they have to deal with tenants who disappear without paying the rent, tenants who disappear leaving the property wrecked, tenants who ignore the managing agents rules and diminish the value of a block and the quality of life of other occupiers of the building. It's a very easy, cheap political shot to have a go at landlords, because they've 'got the money'. 

    Elmar Gasimov

    Chris! You spoke my mind. We are actually working on something similar. We are currently building a trusted network between landlords and tenants. Find out more on www.rentoo.co.uk

  • icon

    Knows about as much about the property market as Grant Shapps had - which was didley squat. I think Khan is talking out of the bit he should be sitting on.


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