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Politicians making rental laws with too little information - claim

The leading landlord trade body wants a new and regular study of housing in Wales, to make its politicians better-informed.

The National Residential Landlords Association in Wales has launched its campaign for a Welsh Housing Survey along the lines of the respected English Housing Survey.

The call comes as the Senedd - the Welsh parliament - is in the process of passing its fourth Bill affecting the private rented sector in six years. The NRLA says it is making this latest decision without any comprehensive, government-commissioned data to support good policy making.


The association argues that the long-running English Housing Survey, in place since 1967, is an aspirational model due to the volume of data it collects. Adopting a similar model for Wales would allow for greater comparability and accountability between the nations.

The NRLA call for a survey has been backed by the Chartered Institute for Housing, the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, the Royal Institute for Chartered Surveyors, Tai Pawb, and ARLA Propertymark.

The campaign has also been supported by Homes for All Cymru, an alliance of housing and housing related organisations in Wales that includes Shelter and Crisis among their members.



NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle says: “The fact we have secured the support of a wide range of organisations across Wales demonstrates the consensus that housing professionals and households alike recognise the need for government-commissioned, comprehensive data for housing.

“A Welsh Housing Survey would prove good value for money throughout and post-pandemic and will pay dividends in the information it can provide policymakers.

“We hope that these facts will prove to political parties the merits of our proposal and they will adopt it in their manifestos as they aim to form the next Welsh Government next spring.”

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    Even when they are given information they ignore it.

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    • 19 October 2020 09:26 AM

    Pretty sure they will take notice when I tell them I won't pay!

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    I suppose politicians don't need information lies from a Charity will suffice.

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    • 19 October 2020 15:33 PM

    The Welsh Labour Govt isn't interested in information.
    It just wants to enforce its ideology of eradicating all private LL.

    Socialism is incompatible with the PRS.
    Consequently Labour will do all it can to expunge private LL from anything to do with housing people.

    They don't particularly mind FHL lets or Commercial but simply hate the concept of tenants paying LL for somewhere to live.

  • Matthew Payne

    Wherever in the UK, conviction politicians are long gone, where a proposal like this might make a difference. The current crowd are only interested in what is popular at the ballot box and what is different to what the opposition is saying, combined with a lack of expertise and continuity. Most Housing Ministers dont have a clue about property and are lucky to survive a year or two at most before they wheel in the next victim looking to make a name for themselves.


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