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Grumpy Doug Yes students sign an AST but UNLIKE other renters - they are pressurised into signing contracts often 10 months before they move into the property - UNLIKE every other renter. I have paid for a room for the last year - which my son has not spent one night in......all because he had to sign a tenancy agreement 9 months before the tenancy started (January 2020) and because often LL dont bother having any time for essential maintenance between tenancies - in this property last year the previous tenants were moving out on the day my son was supposed to move in so he couldn't move in for 5 days! reduced rent - not offered. Maintenance loans!! My son receives a maintenance loan of £1,386 to cover 4 months - given that his rent is £550 per month before bills and living expenses, doesn't actually cover much. I'm not saying that students should be given rent free by PRS but perhaps signing tenancies 9 months in advance is not a practice that should be encouraged. If all student properties could only be signed for up to 4 months in advance and everyone stuck to it then whats the problem! You'll still get the students you want. Furthermore the business models for some LA and LL are to then charge for anything and everything at the end of the tenancy. My son spent 4 hrs cleaning his bathroom/bedroom - removing all the limescale limescale - it was cleaner than when he moved into the room. (thankfully I had photos to prove) - the LA tried to charge for painting a wall because the bed (provided by the LL) had left a tiny mark on the wall!!! The oven and hob apparently needed a professional - again I had photos to prove that it was actually cleaner at the end of the tenancy than at the start... but some LA look at it and think - 5 students - we made them pay a deposit of 2 months (pre June19) so we've got a £1000 per tenant - so we'll charge them £300 each at the end - they will be grateful to get £700 back. Sadly for that LA, I'm a property professional and after evidence and a threat to go to TDS, they backed down. SO yes in many ways, students get a raw deal - however, treat them with some level of respect, provide them with a decent well-looked after property and the majority are good tenants. Student houses do require more maintenance because there can up be a large number of adults all living in a small space - but they PAY to live there - and they pay more than a family would for the same space. So the yield is higher. Every LL I know who has a good, looked-after student property doesn't have a problem. If you dont choose to be a student LL - Andrew Townsend - fine. But most student are not "I'm entitled" - they are very much aware of the cost that they are incurring - £9k per year tutition fees that no other generation incurred. Student loans they have to pay back - My daughter a recent medical school graduate has left university with around £60k of debt - people who graduated 2 years before her had about £17k - she doesn't get paid any more than they did/do yet her debt is 3x theirs. She's was not "I'm entitled", neither is my son, or my youngest daughter.

From: S S 20 April 2021 09:30 AM

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