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I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. An HMO is dwelling occupied by 3 or more persons forming 2 or more households where there is sharing of facilities. So with your 4 unrelated sharers you have an HMO, the type and amount of tenancies is irrelevant. In terms of operating an HMO there isn't really much difference between having less than 5 or more than 5 unrelated occupiers apart from the requirement to have an HMO licence, either way the landlord still needs to comply with local HMO standards, Management Regs, and fire safety requirements. As I mentioned previously, the HMO Management Regs apply even if mandatory HMO licencing does not. These Regs place a duty on the manager to keep the property well maintained and in good repair. This is where the requirement for additional fire safety measures stems from. All HMOs are different as is the the level of risk from fire in each, but generally speaking a standard two storey house let by the room, would be required to have a mains-wired interlinked system, thumb turn locks on bedroom and final exit doors etc. See the Lacors National Fire Safety Guidance. A two bed flat on one level is obviously different to a 2 storey 4 bedroom house in terms of fire risk so this is maybe why you've not had to upgrade anything so far. That's not to say it wouldn't be recommended though, battery operated smoke alarms are far more prone to tampering/technical failure than mains wired systems with battery back-up. Going back to your "bog standard 4 bed house", if you're converting it from family house to let by the room/HMO, it most definitely will require certain improvement/upgrades. With regard to Council Tax if you can get 4 unrelated sharer's on one AST then perhaps you can get them to pay Council Tax, but if you have people coming and going on individual contracts then typically the landlord is liable.

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