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Rents still rising in all regions - except London

Another rental market snapshot suggests that London is suffering an oversupply of properties to let - with rents dipping as a...

15 February 2024

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Rent Control Mayor dismissed as “well meaning but naive”

Rents across the UK continue to retreat from their 2023 highs, falling by 2.9 per cent over the last three months,...

17 January 2024

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How many rental homes listed under £1,000 pcm?  New league table

New research has identified locations with the largest volume of available rental stock, based on those units at or below the...

27 November 2023

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New analysis puts average asking rents approaching £2k

The average asking price across the UK based on the available stock is now £1,829 per month according to property consultancy...

26 October 2023

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Cheap rental sector most under-supplied and overly competitive - analysis

The cheapest end of the rental market is under-supplied and overly competitive, a deposit alternative service claims. The provider - Zero Deposit...

25 October 2023

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Rents up in every region and every country of the UK

Rents continue to rise rapidly in every English region, Scotland and Wales according to the latest market snapshot from the respected...

18 August 2023

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Rental boom may be saving the sales market’s bacon - claim

A prominent housing market website suggests that unprec­edented demand in the rental market may play “a key role” in restricting supply...

13 July 2023

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Shamplina Speaks - Can I Still Afford To Be A Landlord?

A year ago, many landlords’ primary concern was what would be included in the Government’s long-awaited Renters (Reform) Bill. Today, with...

08 July 2023

From: The Big Issues

London’s private rental sector slashed - new figures

New research shows a 41 per cent reduction in the number of London properties available for private rent since the Covid-19...

05 July 2023

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Most landlords no better off despite big rent rises - claim

Most landlords are no better off now, even after substantial rent increases over recent years.  Rightmove recently reported that national average asking...

09 May 2023

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Revealed - where rents have risen 33 per cent in a year…

The latest edition of a housing market measure has suggested that one borough of London has seen rent rises of 33...

20 April 2023

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Another Day, Another New High Rental Record…

Average asking rents for new tenants outside London have risen to another new record of £1,172 per calendar month says Rightmove. This...

27 January 2023

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Demand “massively outstripping supply” in London - top agency

Cluttons says renter demand in central London is massively outstripping the supply of homes available for let, while the sales market...

10 November 2022

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Tenants face tougher conditions after one-third drop in supply

A major lettings agency in London says the imbalance between the number of tenants and available rental properties continues to cause...

22 August 2022

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Rents rise three times faster than pre-pandemic - Rightmove data

New analysis from Rightmove reveals that first-time buyer asking prices and equivalent asking rents have risen three times faster compared with...

25 July 2022

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Rightmove rewrites rental record books with new market highs

Average asking rents outside London have hit another new record of £1,126 per calendar month according to Rightmove. This figure, for the...

15 July 2022

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Eye-watering rent rises as increasing inflation grips the UK

Rents are up year-on-year across all regions, according to the property website Home.   The mix-adjusted average rise across the UK is a...

22 June 2022

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 Labour calls for rent freeze now and rent controls long term

Labour’s London Mayor - buoyed up after the party’s successes in the capital in last week’s elections - has renewed his...

10 May 2022

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Rent Race - growing number of tenants paying above asking price

Average UK rents have increased for the sixth consecutive quarter - but some tenants are paying above the going rate to...

27 April 2022

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Rental demand grows in secondary areas as stock drought goes on

The continuing shortage of supply in the lettings market is not only producing record high asking rents, but is also pushing demand...

19 April 2022

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Ban Them! Call for rival bids on rental properties to be outlawed

The homelessness charity Step By Step is demanding that rival bidding on rental property be outlawed to give the poorest prospective...

14 April 2022

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Massive leap in rents in prime central London, agency claims

There’s been a remarkable 15 per cent leap in average rents achieved in prime central London over the past year, according...

12 April 2022

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Big rent premiums possible on new-builds - claim

New build homes command rental premiums of as high as 41 per cent in the current market, it’s been claimed. The Unlatch...

25 February 2022

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Lettings Market On Fire - Rental yields now highest for six years

Newly published rental yield from Rightmove reveals that the average yield across Great Britain is 5.5 per cent. This is the highest...

27 January 2022

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Rents skyrocketing in London according to latest index

Rents in Greater London are up an annualised 25 per cent, with much of the increase attributed to the stock of...

13 January 2022

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Revealed - where rent rises are “going ballistic” according to analyst

A leading market forecaster has described the level of rent rises in one part of the country as “going ballistic”. “The London...

21 December 2021

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Labour and Generation Rent unite to demand rent controls

London’s Labour Mayor, Sadiq Khan, and the Baroness leading the Generation Rent campaign have called for powers to control rents. Khan claims...

08 July 2021

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At last! London rental market shows strong signs of recovery

After months in the doldrums thanks to tenants moving away and an excess of supply, London’s rental sector is recovering. The Home...

18 June 2021

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Most London rents now lower than they were in 2016, says Rightmove

New figures released by Rightmove this morning show that 65 per cent of London locations now have lower rent levels than...

28 April 2021

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London landlords have good news - renters are on the way back

Letting agents in London say there's more interest from prospective tenants now the vaccine and Coronavirus roadmap suggest something like normality...

10 March 2021

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Houses letting much more quickly than apartments in city centres

New research out this morning suggests that Coronavirus continues to change the lettings landscape, with houses now renting more quickly than a...

09 February 2021

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New call to scrap stamp duty surcharge to stop supply dwindling

The National Residential Landlords Association is calling on the Chancellor to scrap the three per cent stamp duty levy on the...

05 February 2021

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Some London rents down near 30% while other regions prosper

Renters are quitting London and heading for the regions in search of more space and bigger homes and gardens. That’s the claim...

16 November 2020

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London supply glut sees rents plummet 10% since Covid

A lettings market monitor says the Greater London rental sector has in recent months switched from one of scarcity of properties...

15 October 2020

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Small-scale landlords need agents more than ever, insists Rightmove

Small scale or accidental landlords will need agents to help them let studio and one-bedroom properties, Rightmove says in a market...

14 October 2020

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A quarter of BTL landlords plan to add to portfolios

One in four buy-to-let landlords are planning to expand their portfolio this year, according to new research. With buy-to-let continuing to deliver...

16 July 2020

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Demand for rental property increases by a third

Demand for rental property is up 33% compared to this time last year as market restrictions ease and renters plan for...

22 May 2020

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The most popular rental areas unveiled

Property search data from Rightmove over the past 12 months has been analysed to reveal the most sought-after areas for a...

31 December 2019

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A shortage in home lets is driving up rental prices in Britain to record levels

The UK has a chronic undersupply of housing. This is not news; it’s just a statement of a fact which has...

05 November 2019

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Spike in landlord exodus to lead to ‘record rents’ and ‘fewer homes to choose from’

Almost a quarter of landlords are planning to sell at least one property from their existing buy-to-let portfolio, new research from...

17 October 2019

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Rents in London hit record high as number of homes continues to decline

Average asking rents in London rose to an all-time high of £2,091 a month in the first quarter of the year...

18 April 2019

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The best cities for millennial renters

The slump in the UK home ownership rate from 73% a decade ago to just 63% today reflects the fact that...

04 April 2019

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Rents rise in prime London

Rental values in prime London increased by 1.9% in the fourth quarter of 2018 on the back of greater demand from...

12 February 2019

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What would a no-deal Brexit mean for the UK’s landlords?

Life just doesn’t get any easier for Theresa May. No sooner had her Brexit withdrawal plan been rejected by a record-breaking...

22 January 2019

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Rents in London hit an all-time high as supply plummets

Asking rents in London rose to a record high in December, with market conditions in the capital improving to levels not...

17 January 2019

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Asking rents rose in the second quarter of 2018

Asking rents for properties in the UK increased in the second quarter of the year, led by gains in London, Rightmove’s...

26 July 2018

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Hackney sees fastest growth in home rents over past decade

Hackney in east London has recorded the fastest growth in rents on a typical two-bedroom home over the past decade, according...

28 March 2018

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Rents increase across the UK but at their lowest level since 2014

The average asking rent across the UK, excluding London, increased by 0.7% in 2017, which is the lowest rate of growth...

11 January 2018

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Asking rents fall amid rise in property supply

Asking rents are continuing to drop as the supply of property to let increases, according to a new report. Historically, asking rents...

09 October 2017

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Rents outside London remain steady despite jump in available supply

Asking rents outside London continue to hold up despite an increase in the number of rental homes on the market, according...

07 July 2017

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It’s a tenant’s market in London

Private landlords in the capital are starting to feel the pinch from weaker tenant demand, with some landlords being forced to...

23 May 2017

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Rental values slow as supply increases

Rent asking prices so far in 2017 have slowed to their lowest level since the final quarter of 2014, following a...

07 April 2017

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Prime rental values fell in the Home Counties last year

Prime rents in the Home Counties dropped by an average of 0.8% last year, as a higher number of homes available...

17 January 2017

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Buy-to-let enquiries soar

Enquiries from investors seeking to acquire buy-to-let properties have increased by 30% since May, following an initial dip in activity after the...

13 October 2016

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Annual rate of rental price growth slowed in July, Countrywide says

The annual rate of rental price growth in London fell for the first time in six years in July as rents...

15 August 2016

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Landlords flood rental market

Landlords who rushed to acquire properties earlier this year are now actively renting them out, providing tenants with a flood of...

14 July 2016

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