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Landlords Should Act Now Against Failing Court System

It’s comforting to think that the UK has a well-established and effective judicial system. If we are wronged we can turn...

30 July 2022

From: Legislation & Compliance

Shamplina Speaks - What of Section 8 after Section 21 is Abolished?

We know that Section 21 and so called ‘no fault’ evictions, are definitely going to be abolished as part of the...

28 May 2022

From: The Big Issues

Mandatory compensation for tenants mooted by letting agents

ARLA Propertymark has launched a radical programme of reform for the private rental sector - getting in before the government’s own...

15 December 2021

From: Breaking News

Scare stories unfounded - evictions did NOT rise after end of ban

Despite dire warnings from Generation Rent, Shelter and other campaigners, it appears that the end of the eviction ban did NOT...

15 November 2021

From: Breaking News

Bailiff-enforced evictions suspended over Christmas season

It’s understood there will be a Christmas truce with tenants not enduring bailiff-enforced evictions between December 13 and January 10. HM Courts...

12 November 2021

From: Breaking News

Baroness claims many more “facing” eviction than actually evicted

The Baroness leading the campaign group Generation Rent claims the official figure for evictions in the second quarter of this year...

13 August 2021

From: Breaking News

Council offer of help to landlords as bailiff-enforced eviction ban ends

A council in the north of England is offering help to landlords and private rental tenants as the bailiff-enforced eviction ban...

26 May 2021

From: Breaking News

Evictions could take six months longer than usual post-ban - warning

An eviction specialist says the average time to evict a tenant could soar by six months once the current ban comes to...

31 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Owe council tax and worried about the upcoming price hike? Here's what to do

From April, almost two-thirds (67%) of England’s councils are set to increase their council tax by 4.90 – 5.0%. However, the pandemic has...

21 March 2021

From: Conveyancing, Mortgages, Tax & Finance

Another political party wants eviction ban extended

Another political party has joined the chorus of voices calling for still-longer bans on evictions in the private rental sector. The ban...

11 March 2021

From: Breaking News

It’s back! ‘Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords’ on TV tonight

This 10-part series - filmed before the pandemic - follows letting agents, eviction specialists and lawyers helping landlords chase rent arrears and...

17 February 2021

From: Breaking News

Ban on bailiff-enforced evictions extended yet again

The government has announced yet another ban on bailiff-enforced evictions in the private rental sector. The existing ban was due to expire...

14 February 2021

From: Breaking News

Shelter expects eviction ban extension until end of lockdown

Shelter says it expects the current ban on bailiff-enforced evictions to be extended until at least the end of the present...

12 February 2021

From: Breaking News

Current eviction ban is “more balanced” says housing solicitor

The current extension to the eviction ban in England and Wales is “more balanced” than some past examples according to a...

18 January 2021

From: Breaking News

Government insists eviction ban “protects most vulnerable renters”

The government insists that its ban on bailiff-enforced evictions “protects the most vulnerable renters” during the pandemic. The claim comes in the...

11 January 2021

From: Breaking News

Eviction ban extended in England and Wales

The ban on bailiff-enforced evictions for private renters has been extended in England and Wales. This will be until February 21 “at...

08 January 2021

From: Breaking News

Celebrity campaigner calls for new ban on evictions and bailiff possessions

Martin Lewis, the celebrity consumer rights campaigner behind MoneySavingExpert, has called upon the government to extend the current ban on bailiffs...

07 January 2021

From: Breaking News

Landlords MUST get government support says Shamplina

Eviction guru and lettings sector expert Paul Shamplina has made an impassioned plea for government help for the rental sector. The founder...

06 January 2021

From: Breaking News

Government says no to petition calling for 14-days eviction powers

The government has rejected a call for landlords to have powers to evict tenants who fall 14 days into arrears. Property investor...

23 December 2020

From: Breaking News

Labour council, students and charities demand fair deal for tenants

The Labour-controlled Greater London Authority and 18 other groups of activists, charities and students have formed a new pro-renter coalition. Called the...

16 December 2020

From: Breaking News

Government has “sympathy” for landlords - but no assistance

The Leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, says the government has sympathy for the plight of many landlords during...

30 November 2020

From: Breaking News

Eviction change - tenants with ‘severe arrears’ can be evicted

From today possession cases with severe rent arrears will be exempt from the effective ban on evictions applying to the England...

17 November 2020

From: Breaking News

Legal challenge to ‘ban’ on bailiff-enforced evictions

A legal challenge has been started to the government’s current ‘ban’ on bailiff-enforced evictions in the private rental sector. High profile property...

17 November 2020

From: Breaking News

Misery for landlords caught in never-ending eviction moratorium

An industry service supplier has revealed the scale of the backlog in possession cases which cannot be pursued to eviction because of...

11 November 2020

From: Breaking News

Banks set to repossess substantial number of buy to lets - claim

A  leading property law firm says the government’s ‘eviction ban by the back door’ means many buy to let properties are...

10 November 2020

From: Breaking News

Latest two month eviction halt not enough for Generation Rent

The government’s announcement at the end of next week that almost no evictions would be possible before January 11 at the...

09 November 2020

From: Breaking News

'Extreme arrears' is one of few reasons for eviction during lockdown

It’s been confirmed that during the current one month lockdown in England there will be no enforcement of possession orders except...

06 November 2020

From: Breaking News

Landlords urged to challenge eviction restrictions in Corona hotspots

A leading property lawyers says he’s willing to act for landlords to take the government to judicial review over its latest...

30 October 2020

From: Breaking News

Evictions effectively halted across much of England and Wales

Bailiffs have agreed to a government request not to enforce court orders against tenants in Tier 2 and Tier 3 locations. This...

26 October 2020

From: Breaking News

Abolishing Section 21 means rent up, stock down, tenant insecurity

The Lettings Industry Council has published a report outlining why Section 21 should not be abolished, despite the government’s commitment to...

20 October 2020

From: Breaking News

Fury at potential evictions ban extension

There was widespread disappointment among buy-to-let landlords when the government decided to prolong the existing ban on tenant evictions until 20...

16 September 2020

From: Breaking News

Tenant evictions will not be enforced in areas subject to local lockdowns

Many renters have welcomed the government's latest announcement around protecting tenants from eviction over the winter period, but tenants and landlords...

15 September 2020

From: Breaking News

BTL landlords remain optimistic but profitability falls

The government’s decision to temporarily increase the stamp duty threshold to £500,000 for property sales in England and Northern Ireland, until...

28 July 2020

From: Breaking News

Court delays causing ‘extreme stress’ for landlords

Under-resourced county courts are struggling to cope with the number of possession claims being put forward, ‘causing misery for landlords’ not...

03 January 2020

From: Breaking News

Scrapping Section 21 could fuel a rise in homelessness, warns Landlord Action

Tenant eviction specialist, Landlord Action, reports that up to half of Section 21 cases they handle are as a consequence of...

23 September 2019

From: Breaking News

Evictions specialist wants landlords to have a say on Section 21

There is no such thing as 'no-fault' eviction under Section 21, according to evictions specialist Paul Shamplina. The founder of Landlord Action insists...

02 August 2019

From: Breaking News

Government urged not to underestimate impact of removing Section 21

The government’s plan to scrap Section 21 without improving the court system and alternative process for regaining possession of a property,...

23 July 2019

From: Breaking News

Sharp rise in fraudulent letting applications

The level of fraudulent rental applications being received by letting agents is on the up, new research shows. The study by Benham...

08 July 2019

From: Breaking News

The Civil Justice Council doesn’t support plans for a housing court

The Civil Justice Council has said it cannot support government plans for a specialist housing court, deeming it unnecessary.  Responding to the...

28 January 2019

From: Breaking News

Evicting problem tenants can take up to 17 weeks and ‘cost a lot of money’

Rogue landlords who break the law and exploit vulnerable tenants often make headlines, but spare a thought for landlords who are...

17 July 2018

From: Breaking News

How to avoid fines as a BTL landlord

As a landlord, you have a number of different responsibilities and obligations that you need to stay on top of, in...

11 June 2018

From: Breaking News

A £5 raffle ticket could win you a £145k house in Leicester

A buy-to-let landlord is raffling off a three-bedroom house in the Leicestershire town of Wigston which is worth in the region...

02 October 2017

From: Breaking News

Nightmare tenants exposed

In what is a welcome change to the landlord bashing articles often featured in the media, the Liverpool Echo has published...

16 August 2017

From: Breaking News

Bad eviction advice can prove costly

Unfortunately for private landlords looking to regain possession of their rental home, private tenants are often advised by local councils and...

15 September 2016

From: Breaking News

NLA supports bill to reduce homelessness

The Homelessness Reduction Bill, which was published by the Communities and Local Government Select Committee last week, has received backing from...

31 August 2016

From: Breaking News

Landlords urged not to push for rent increases

With tenants being hit by record-high rents, landlords should refrain from putting extra pressure on those tenants who are already struggling...

05 July 2016

From: Breaking News

Court delays proving costly for landlords

Landlord Action says under-resourced county courts are struggling to cope with the number of possession claims being put forward, resulting in...

30 June 2016

From: Breaking News

Housing Minister wades into eviction debate

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis has written to all local councils in England in order to clarify homelessness guidance following pressure from...

22 March 2016

From: Breaking News

NLA speaks out about councils’ bailiffs advice

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has criticised local councils for telling private tenants to ignore eviction notices served by their landlords...

29 January 2016

From: Breaking News

Tenants advised to wait for bailiffs before leaving rented property

The Telegraph has raised the issue of how local authorities are increasingly encouraging evicted tenants to stay put in a property...

12 January 2016

From: Breaking News

Landlord Action: More evictions should be transferred to the High Court

Landlord Action has appealed to the Ministry of Justice to transfer more evictions to the High Court. The eviction specialists claim the...

19 August 2015

From: Breaking News

Pop star £30,000 in rent arrears evicted from flat

A pop star has been evicted from his London flat owing his landlord more than £30,000 in rent and causing him...

22 April 2015

From: Breaking News

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