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KEYWORD "Harassment" - 43 RESULTS
Points-based system of rent controls demanded by activists

A points-based system of rent controls is being advocated by activists associated with a controversial pro-tenant group. Living Rent, which is calling...

20 April 2022

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MPs condemn rental conditions, councils and government

A senior committee of MPs claims that it’s “too difficult for renters to realise their legal right to a safe and...

13 April 2022

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Here we go again! Activists prepare new attack on landlords

Rental activists have made clear that they are not going to stop when their objective to scrap Section 21 eviction powers...

12 April 2022

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Activist group must pay £100,000 damages to landlord

Local media in Sheffield are reporting that the activist group Acorn must pay just under £100,000 in costs and damages to...

06 April 2022

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Banned! Four rogue landlords penalised by council

A London council has secured banning orders against four rogue landlords after they were found to be letting an unlicensed and...

08 February 2022

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Slammed! Government and councils condemned for rental failures

A report by the National Audit Office has sharply criticised the government and councils for not doing enough to help tenants...

10 December 2021

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Council boasts of working with police and ‘talking tough’ to landlords

A council says it’s working with police to target landlords which it claims are flouting the law and illegally eviction and...

07 December 2021

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Landlord harassed tenant during eviction ban period

A landlord has pleaded guilty to harassing one of his tenants during the eviction ban period. Abid Butt from Sheffield has been...

15 September 2021

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Rogue landlord unlawfully harassed and evicted a tenant

A man has pleaded guilty in a magistrates’ court after he evicted a tenant by unlawfully harassing him and obliging him...

03 August 2021

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First ever ‘ASBO Injunction’ served on landlord to stop illegal eviction

Camden council in north London has become the first local authority to secure an anti-social behaviour injunction against a landlord in...

30 July 2021

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Council wants witnesses to alleged illegal eviction

A council is appealing for witnesses to help with its prosecution of a landlord for illegal eviction. Sohila Tamiz who is a...

19 July 2021

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Landlord begins legal action against activists protesting outside her home

A landlord has begun legal proceedings against a pressure group after being the victim of a four-month campaign of harassment. Lawyers acting...

26 May 2021

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Guilty: Landlord admits throwing tenant out illegally

Landlord Antanas Klibavicius has pleaded guilty to illegally evicting his tenant and not taking any steps towards ending the tenancy properly...

18 May 2021

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Huge rise in complaints about landlords, claims charity

A charity claims it’s helping one person every minute with problems relating to renting from a private landlord. In the first two...

29 March 2021

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Serial offender landlord in court again over HMO health and safety

A serial-offender landlord has been fined for putting tenants at serious harm from fire and exposing them to substandard and dangerous conditions. Nilendu...

22 March 2021

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Anti-landlord group objects to curbs on protests

The activists group Acorn, which has staged several anti-landlord demonstrations including some outside homes, is opposing a new Bill going through...

16 March 2021

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Labour MP demands Covid rent arrears to be paid by public funds

Labour MP Stephen Timms has asked Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick to commit to five measures to tighten controls on the private...

01 March 2021

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Council teaching tenants how to reclaim rent from landlords

A London council is running what it describes as “an innovative project” to help private tenants reclaim rent from landlords who...

25 February 2021

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Multi-millionaire landlord tells council leader to kill himself - court claim

Multi-millionaire landlord Fergus Wilson - at one time described as Britain’s most successful buy to let landlord - is reported to...

03 February 2021

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Jail for landlord who breached harassment court order

A landlord who breached a court order not to harass or evict his tenants has been given a prison sentence.  Saakib Khan,...

22 December 2020

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Labour council, students and charities demand fair deal for tenants

The Labour-controlled Greater London Authority and 18 other groups of activists, charities and students have formed a new pro-renter coalition. Called the...

16 December 2020

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Banned for life: rogue landlord faces jail if he lets another home

A landlord who unlawfully let cramped and overcrowded bedsits and then harassed tenants who complained has been fined thousands of pounds...

02 October 2020

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Landlord set to be sentenced for unlawful harassment and misleading practices

A rogue landlord in Gainsborough will be sentenced later this month after being found guilty of unlawful harassment towards his tenants...

03 January 2020

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Rogue landlord fined for letting uninhabitable property

An unscrupulous landlord has been ordered to pay almost £4,000 after tenants were discovered living in an appalling and unsafe property.  Officers...

09 October 2019

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Landlord’s son is ‘very, very sorry’ for stealing tenant’s underwear

A landlord's son has confessed to stealing 30 pairs of knickers from his father's tenant and hiding them around her property. Magistrates...

24 July 2019

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Rogue landlords database may be a pointless exercise, warns NLA

Introducing a ‘rogue landlords’ database without better enforcement would be a pointless exercise, according to the National Landlords Association (NLA). A rogue...

22 July 2019

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Landlord questioned over ‘threatening letter’ to letting agent

A private landlord who was reported to police for sending what has been described as a “threatening letter” to a letting...

10 June 2019

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Landlord ordered to pay £29,000 for harassing two tenants out of their homes

A private landlord in Telford has been ordered to pay £29,000 in costs and fines for harassing two tenants out of...

04 April 2019

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How to avoid fines as a BTL landlord

As a landlord, you have a number of different responsibilities and obligations that you need to stay on top of, in...

11 June 2018

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Give councils power to ‘confiscate’ properties from rogue landlords, say MPs

Local authorities should be given the power to confiscate properties from landlords who break the law, according to a committee of...

23 April 2018

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Landlord handed suspended sentences for harassment and illegal eviction

A pair of private landlords from Sheffield who harassed and illegal evicted their tenant have been handed suspended prison sentences. Mark Cashin...

23 March 2018

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Rogue landlord database ‘will save lives’ says LFB

The mayor of London’s decision to launch a new public online database which ‘names and shames’ rogue landlords and letting agents...

21 December 2017

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Landlord pleads guilty to harassing tenants

A buy-to-let landlord pleaded guilty to two charges relating to the harassment of his tenants during a short hearing at Sheffield...

06 September 2017

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Landlord fined for changing the locks to keep tenant out

A buy-to-let landlord has been ordered to pay just over £2,800 after pleading guilty to a charge of ‘harassing an occupier...

17 July 2017

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Landlord in Sheffield continues to ‘tarnish the private rented sector’

A buy-to-let landlord in Sheffield has been told that he has to pay £2,412 in court costs, fines and compensation after...

15 March 2017

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Can a landlord turn a tenant’s electricity off?

When a landlord switched off his tenants’ electricity, leaving them without heating, hot water, lighting or cooking facilities, in a bid...

16 December 2016

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How to deal with a tenant that is not paying rent

Recovering rental arrears from non-paying tenants is one of a landlord’s biggest challenges. But while no-one actually enjoys chasing money, it...

08 December 2016

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Thousands of private landlords suffer abuse from tenants

Thousands of private tenants claim to have suffered abuse at the hands of landlords according to Shelter, which include threats, assaults...

23 September 2016

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Sadiq Khan vows to expose London’s rogue landlords

The new mayor of London has pledged to get tough on rogue landlords in the capital by introducing a ‘London Landlord...

11 May 2016

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Landmark court ruling forces landlord to use letting agent in future

A landmark court case heard in the Midlands is believed to be the first to issue a Criminal Behaviour Order on...

12 April 2016

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Oxford landlord convicted for unlawful eviction

An Oxford landlord has been convicted of unlawfully evicting a tenant after “a campaign of sustained harassment”. Riasat Ali was ordered to...

20 October 2015

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RLA questions Shelter’s claims

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has written to Shelter questioning the latest statistics from the housing charity which claimed that tenants...

09 September 2015

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Landlord jailed for seven years over tenant attack

A landlord who attacked a tenant in the street following a “campaign of harassment and violence” over rent has been jailed...

06 August 2015

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