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RLA calls for court reform as the time it takes to repossess a rental home rises

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has once again called for the introduction of a properly funded housing court to cope with...

15 November 2019

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Have your say: Section 21 consultation ends tomorrow

With the government consultation on tenancy reform ending tomorrow, time is running out for landlords wishing to have their say by...

11 October 2019

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Scrapping Section 21 could fuel a rise in homelessness, warns Landlord Action

Tenant eviction specialist, Landlord Action, reports that up to half of Section 21 cases they handle are as a consequence of...

23 September 2019

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BTL landlords evict fewer tenants

The number of tenants evicted by private landlords has continued to fall, according to data from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). From...

10 September 2019

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Evictions specialist wants landlords to have a say on Section 21

There is no such thing as 'no-fault' eviction under Section 21, according to evictions specialist Paul Shamplina. The founder of Landlord Action insists...

02 August 2019

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RLA welcomes MP’s pledge to fix court system before Section 21 is scrapped

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has welcomed the housing minister’s pledge to make changes to the courts to speed up the...

14 May 2019

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Landlords must wait five months to gain possession of property through courts

It now takes more than five months on average for private landlords to regain possession of a property when applying to...

26 November 2018

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MP calls for action over rent-for-sex cases

The government is once again being urged to introduce fresh legislation to outlaw the ‘despicable’ practice of sex-for-rent deals. Speaking in the...

14 September 2018

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Tenant Referencing - an essential guide

  What is a tenant reference? A tenant reference is a tool for landlords to help choose the right tenants. A good tenant...

06 June 2018

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Sex-for-rent landlords could face up to seven years in prison

Rogue landlords who target vulnerable people for sex by posting online classified adverts offering accommodation in exchange for other services, could...

01 August 2017

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RLA slams Joseph Rowntree Foundation for ‘misleading’ evictions report

Claims made by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation that the number of evictions was greater in the private rented sector than the...

26 July 2017

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Regulation needed to ensure evictions are ‘conducted professionally and sensitively’

Thousands of tenants are evicted from their homes every year, but to make sure that eviction firms follow correct procedure they...

25 July 2017

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More than 150 tenants evicted in Hull

More private landlords are needed to house the high number of tenants being thrown out of social housing in Hull, new...

19 May 2017

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Significant drop in landlord possession claims

There has been a sharp decline in the volume of claims made by private sector landlords to repossess a property over...

11 November 2016

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Landlords urged not to push for rent increases

With tenants being hit by record-high rents, landlords should refrain from putting extra pressure on those tenants who are already struggling...

05 July 2016

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Court delays proving costly for landlords

Landlord Action says under-resourced county courts are struggling to cope with the number of possession claims being put forward, resulting in...

30 June 2016

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Thousands of tenants facing eviction

More than 148,000 renting households in England have been at risk of eviction from their home in the past year, according...

23 June 2016

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Landlord possessions reach record high

The total number of evictions last year reached a record high of 42,728 according to data from the Ministry of Justice.  Whilst...

16 February 2016

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Landlord Action: More evictions should be transferred to the High Court

Landlord Action has appealed to the Ministry of Justice to transfer more evictions to the High Court. The eviction specialists claim the...

19 August 2015

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Generation Rent: Criminal landlords are not being brought to justice

The tiny number of landlord convictions is no deterrent to the worst landlords, Generation Rent has said, as it calls on...

27 July 2015

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Guardian names UK’s worst landlord

The Guardian has named and shamed a North London landlord after she topped a list of letting agents and landlords who have...

24 July 2015

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Tenant evictions reach record high

Tenant evictions have reached a record high 11,307 in the first quarter of the year according to government figures. However, the majority...

18 May 2015

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