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Agency’s blunt message for landlords - Pets Get Lets

The controversy over whether pets should be allowed in the private rental sector continues apace with one major agency coming down firmly in favour of four legged friends.

Lajla Turner, head of lettings for a London branch of agency Carter Jonas says: “Be open to pets if the head lease will allow. Tenants with pets are more likely to be long term and treat your property like a home.” 

The same agency’s head of lettings in Winchester, Zaza Oswald, adds: “If a landlord does not allow pets (cats and dogs mainly) then they cut out at least half of applicants.  We would always check that dogs are not left alone for hours at a time during the day, when someone is at work, and we can even have written into contracts that a dog walker must be employed if tenants do work away.”


In recent months there has been growing discussion over whether pets should routinely be allowed in private rental flats and houses.

The government’s new model tenancy agreement makes it a default condition that landlords should allow pets so long as they are owned responsibly and well-behaved; the new agreement is not compulsory and is not thought to be widely used.

Carter Jonas’s comments come in a market update for landlords, which says that limited stock and lower than usual landlord registrations could see rents increase dramatically.

“Whilst stock with gardens is flying, properties without a garden or access to outside space is taking longer to let. However, Carter Jonas believes the return to the office and increase in demand for low maintenance ‘Pied a Terre’s’ will see stock moving more quickly and for more competitive rates as the year ends” says the firm, which specialises in high end lets.

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  • George Dawes

    They conveniently left out the bit about destroying the house etc


    Not all pets destroy houses, responsible tenants with pets in the right house with a garden are generally not a problem, in flats would be a big NO, as would large and / or dangerous dogs, it's a shame that we are no-longer able to take a pet deposit, so now it has to be an increased rent for pet owners.

  • icon

    Here's a blunt message back - not in my property!


    I will consider them, but on my terms.

    • 30 June 2021 09:55 AM

    Same here. NOT IN MY PROPERTY.

  • icon

    Whatever happened to Democracy we now live in Enforced Society, everything forced upon us against our will.


    Yes It’s becoming a tail wags the dog industry. If I need to do anything I’ll just ask the tenant as there clearly in charge.

  • Neil Moores

    I also allow pets into suitable properties and agree that we get longer term tenancies that way. I do NOT see why it should be mandatory though. If the government wants specific rules for rented properties then they should get in and build some themselves

  • Carlo Rappa

    It is our properties and we decide whether we want a pet or not.
    I like pet but i am afraid the properties will have a pet odour that other new tenants might not appreciate.
    Also need to change carpets and maybe all the tapestry
    You can say the same for smoker.

    Are they willing to pay £1000s in cleaning and removal of odour, something nearly impossible?

  • James B

    I think this agent is forgetting who they act for and who pays their fee. Jumping on the landlord bashing wagon for publicity is a dangerous game going against your fee paying customers


    I don't think they are forgetting at all. They are just worried that if properties do not get let, then they do not receive any management fees. It's THEIR bottom line they're concerned with not ours.

  • icon

    I think landlord today is just doing more circular reporting. Come on choose a new topic please. That isn't

    Mortgage rates for greener homes
    Shelters weekly properganda

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Landlords need to give Carter Jonas a Blunt message back - don't use them !
    Are Carter Jonas forgetting since the Tenant Fee ban, Landlords are their Sole paying customers.

  • icon

    Once bitten,twice shy

  • Theodor Cable

    "Lajla Turner, head of lettings for a London branch of agency Carter Jonas says: “Be open to pets if the head lease will allow. "

    Tell you what...I for sure will have the priviledge of NEVER going to this Letting Agency. They have lost me right now.

    No pets - Never, never never.

  • George Dawes

    The agents I use do what I tell them to do not the other way round

    Sounds like this Carter whatsisname bunch need a reality check

    I use Strutt and Parker and they’re excellent

  • Theodor Cable

    I won't be going anywhere near them.
    Even if they pay for the damages from pets.

  • icon
    • 30 June 2021 09:58 AM

    I would never use Carter Jonas.

    I use KFH and they do whatever I ask.

    I decide who I let my property to and at what price.


    You did use them


    Please explain JS?

  • icon

    It is a disappointing reflection of times that beginning with some MPs, Councillors, Council employees and extending to some tenants, they are happy treat your assets as they wish, including not pay rent/delay it) but want the disclaimer that they are not financially responsible, for the safe and good upkeep of entrusted assets! Well Carter Jonas have caught a tiger by its tail with this statement!!

  • icon

    Some still smoke inside I am suffering the consequences of that everywhere yellow I had told them not to do it but their reply was we leave door open when we smoke !.
    Sometimes its hard enough to get rid of the smell of the people never mind animals, some around the place all day or in bed smelling & sweating.

  • Matthew Payne

    The more remarkable observation is that an agent would make such a public endorsement about such a inflammatory subject in complete disagreement with their client base. CJ are clearly not that in touch with the majority of the landlord community who have for quite some time now been quite vocal and transparent about their views on pets and capped deposits. Perhaps subscribing to the no such thing as bad publicity bit or is this their attempt to re-educate?

  • icon

    Sorry Ed, we don’t need any new topics while we are burdened with current issues that are not being addressed.
    My goodness you want more is not removal of Section 21, our Deposits taken away by Shelter in 2007, Wear & rear removed,
    How 2 Rent, Right to2 Rent, ICO, Section 24, EICR, EPC’s, HMO’s, Additional Licensing, Selective Licensing, Tenant Settlement status, 2015 DeRegulation Act, Fines, Penalties, Changed LL’s business from civil law to Criminal Law, Tribunals, Eviction ban, Mediation endless interference etc, and you want new issues, come on now is there not any other business left in the Country to attack.


    I mean put some riggor behind the reporting. Maybe even state of it is an upward trend etc.

    But we can report on other things like how to resolve. Some of these issues. What landlords have done to overcome them. Maybe even ask industry experts how we can box around them with lin the confines of the law. Like the suggestion the other day about replacing one window with triple glazing to increase ur EPC score.

    It is easy for people to state the issues. Let's share the solutions!

  • icon

    Its easy to report the issues you say. We are the industry’s experts not the Council, not Shelter, not Citizens Advice or the Government non of them own the property or have any input except meddle & ruin. The Solution to the problems is very easy to solve since they are all made / invented by outsiders who’s property it is not, just sit on the side lines doing as much damage as possible to business not their business but so many haters living off our backs. Let’s talk about solutions by scrapping the rules make in recent years that are the problems, why work around new bad laws just change them back to where they were instead of making Criminals out of decent LL, or are we down to the glass in the window. I would be more concerned about the claw back of up to 12 months rent (quite happy to take the property then complain) after the had the use and benefit of the property for free is that justice, hello do you want to talk about that.


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