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EPC help for landlords via ‘ethical lettings agency'

A west country council is the latest to launch an initiative aimed at helping landlords meet the new Minimum Energy Efficiency...

16 May 2022

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Most landlords ‘behind’ on energy efficiency improvements - claim

A survey of over 600 landlords by a business insurance service has found that 55 per cent have still to make...

13 May 2022

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EPCs - Battling Baroness slams landlords, councils and government

The latest attack on landlords by Generation Rent director Baroness Alicia Kennedy concerns insulation and household warmth. She claims a quarter of...

04 May 2022

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Help to improve EPC ratings offered to landlords by another council

Another council has revealed it’s won funding from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy to boost the EPCs of...

29 April 2022

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Energy Efficiency - could you be walking on the answer?

The recent energy price cap increase implemented has prompted households across the UK to consider ways to make their home more...

23 April 2022

From: Top tips & guides

Council offers subsidy for improvements on low-EPC rental units

Another council is offering landlords financial assistance in improving energy efficiency in their investment properties.  North Norfolk District Council has won £3.85m...

20 April 2022

From: Breaking News

Eco-friendly to boost capital appreciation identified by agent

Letting agent Barrows and Forrester has identified how eco-improvements can add value to properties. Insulation - Upgrading a home’s insulation, specifically solid wall...

06 April 2022

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Energy Efficiency - is Sunak's VAT initiative enough for landlords?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Spring Statement was something - but not enough. That’s the view of Ben Beadle - chief executive of the...

24 March 2022

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Will landlords take up £5,000 heat pumps grant?

A question mark has been raised over the suitability of a scheme starting next month to encourage the switch from gas...

24 March 2022

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Failure to make improvements demanded by council triggers landlord fine

A landlord has been fined £6,250 for failing to make a series of improvements to the property he lets out in...

23 March 2022

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Is It Time For Landlords to Cash Out?

As we approach what is commonly the busiest month of the year, there is one question many in the sector many...

19 March 2022

From: Agent Advice

EPC and HMO teach-in for landlords as councils unite over renting

Landlords with property in Breckland, South Norfolk and Broadland have been invited to attend a free online Landlord Forum networking and...

18 March 2022

From: Breaking News

What the new Building Safety Bill means for Leaseholders

As the government continues to assess the future state of building regulation in the UK, developers and leaseholders continue to remain...

05 March 2022

From: The Big Issues

Ukraine Crisis - it will hit landlords and tenants this spring

Russia sending tanks into Ukraine sounds terrifying, but it also sounds a long way away. Unfortunately, in a world of global...

26 February 2022

From: The Big Issues

Council launching landlord accreditation at energy efficiency teach-in

A council is inviting landlords to an event at which it will both launch a new accreditation scheme and offer guidance...

22 February 2022

From: Breaking News

Energy efficiency surveys for landlords offered by local council

Cotswold council, using cash from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, is targeting properties that fall below the minimum...

18 January 2022

From: Breaking News

Charities want insulation boost for poorer tenants

An alliance of 25 major charities have written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak, calling for urgent action...

14 January 2022

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Council may fund landlords’ energy efficiency measures if tenants qualify

Landlords with properties in part of Lincolnshire could benefit from Government funding secured by North East Lincolnshire Council and its regeneration...

07 December 2021

From: Breaking News

Six Hacks for Landlords to Slash Energy Bills

It’s probably in the interest of landlords as much as tenants to slash energy bills now, even before new EPC ratings...

04 December 2021

From: Top tips & guides

Hot Air? EPC targets cannot be achieved with government funding

Savills estimates that £330 billion is needed to implement all energy efficiency improvements to the UK housing sector to meet EPC...

03 November 2021

From: Breaking News

Some tenants would pay 20% more for eco-efficient homes - claim

A new survey from an online rental platform claims tenants are willing to pay for greener homes. Some 98 per cent of...

03 November 2021

From: Breaking News

Winter’s Coming - Advice for Landlords

With a week to go before we ‘lose’ an hour, and the weather finally cooling to something like the seasonal norm,...

23 October 2021

From: Top tips & guides

Landlords need ‘green grants’ to make basic eco-improvements - claim

The head of a building body says landlords and home owners need a replacement for the defunct Green Homes Grant to...

22 October 2021

From: Breaking News

Generation Rent says Net Zero targets don’t cover basic insulation

Generation Rent has commented on the government’s Net Zero goals, involving phasing out boilers and introducing heat pumps into rental properties. While...

21 October 2021

From: Breaking News

New Boiler Ban - Problems already emerge with heat pump alternative

Experts are already warning of shortcomings in the government’s latest Green initiative, banning new boilers from 2035 and offering £5,000 grants...

20 October 2021

From: Breaking News

Not all energy efficiency work saves money even after five years

With energy efficiency making headlines in the private rental sector, Norton Finance has calculated the cost of an average mid-terrace household...

11 October 2021

From: Breaking News

Landlords treated less well than owner-occupiers in new green initiative

A local council is one of the first to be offering new Go Green Grants to landlords to improve energy efficiency...

28 September 2021

From: Breaking News

Hopeless - Finance watchdog slams government’s Green Homes Grant

The government’s Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme - which left thousands of landlords in the lurch when it collapsed earlier this...

08 September 2021

From: Breaking News

 Landlords given five low-cost ways to improve a property’s EPC

Rightmove has identified five ways that landlords and other property owners can improve their property’s EPC rating - some for well...

04 June 2021

From: Breaking News

Rental sell-off inevitable if government pushes EPC changes - claim

Up to 50,000 rental homes in the countryside could be sold off if the government presses ahead with stricter energy efficiency...

04 February 2021

From: Breaking News

Dealing with winter damp: Top causes and how to treat it

In this article, the experts at Good Move give their top tips for dealing with damp in your home. Damp is something...

20 January 2021

From: Legislation & Compliance

Are longer leases required for tenants who work from home more?

A PropTech company has issued guidelines for landlords who want to prepare their properties for tenants doing increased volumes of home...

14 January 2021

From: Breaking News

Warning over cowboy builders exploiting Green Homes Grant

Landlords considering taking advantage of the government’s new Green Homes Grant are being warned of a surge in cowboy building works. Sheffield...

08 December 2020

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Landlords have extra year for Green Homes Grant projects

Landlords now have another year to apply for the government’s Green Homes Grant scheme. The 12 months extension, announced last evening, follows...

19 November 2020

From: Breaking News

Help for landlords on maximising use of Green Homes Grant Scheme

A property specialist at Perrys Chartered Accountants has issued new advice for landlords on how they can reap the benefits of...

12 November 2020

From: Breaking News

Tips – the six best ways to use the Green Homes Grant

The Green Homes Grant scheme went live on September 30 2020, offering landlords and investors the chance to apply for £5,000...

29 October 2020

From: Property Investment & Strategy

Asbestos: what are your responsibilities as a property owner?

It’s common knowledge that asbestos is a highly damaging group of microscopic fibres that can severely impact the health of our...

29 October 2020

From: Legislation, Regulation & Compliance

What advice to give tenants on mould in the home

Many landlords will be familiar with the scourge that is mould. It is a major source of complaints by tenants and...

29 October 2020

From: Legislation, Regulation & Compliance

Hot Cakes - landlords urged to act quick on Green Homes Grants

Just under half of landlords say they intend to make energy efficiency improvements to properties as part of the government's Green Homes Grant...

29 October 2020

From: Breaking News

More advice to landlords on preparing homes for winter

There’s no shortage of advice for landlords as winter approaches - the latest comes from the Deposit Protection Service.  Here’s its four...

20 October 2020

From: Breaking News

Here’s where bulk of landlords may be eligible for Green Homes Grant

A PropTech firm has drawn up a list of those regions with the highest proportion of rental properties with EPC rating...

01 October 2020

From: Breaking News

Will you benefit from the Green Homes Grant?

As new details regarding the new Green Homes Grant emerge, landlords should hopefully be in a better position to assess whether...

07 August 2020

From: Breaking News

New Green Homes Grant plans are ‘good news for landlords and tenants’

With just a few weeks remaining until the opening of the Green Homes Grant, the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) is...

05 August 2020

From: Breaking News

BTL landlords will benefit from £2bn home insulation scheme

The new £2bn grant scheme in England for projects such as insulation, unveiled yesterday by the chancellor Rishi Sunak as part...

09 July 2020

From: Breaking News

Fire safety issues affecting tower blocks ‘run far deeper’ than flammable cladding

Rendered insulation could be a bigger issue for scores of tower blocks with flammable cladding, according to Andrews Property Group.  Almost three...

05 March 2020

From: Breaking News

 Top tips for ensuring your rental's loft conversion meets MEES

With the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) coming into play last year, it's now more important than ever to ensure the...

04 March 2020

From: Breaking News

Top renter-friendly cities in the UK unveiled

The best and worst cities for renters have been identified by taking into account several factors, including the average salary spend...

27 February 2020

From: Breaking News

What steps do landlords need to take when it comes to MEES regulations?

Most landlords will already be familiar with the Domestic Minimum Energy Efficiency (MEES) Regulations which came into force on 1 April...

26 February 2020

From: Breaking News

How landlords can make their properties appeal to younger tenants

These days, renting isn’t just for younger adults, but it’s probably fair to say that younger adults are natural renters. It’s...

26 September 2019

From: Breaking News

Top tips to prevent damp in your rental properties

Damp problems can be a serious concern in any home. Not only are they unwelcoming, but they are also unhealthy, and...

13 August 2019

From: Breaking News

Energy efficiency changes are around the corner for Scotland

Following the changes introduced in England and Wales last year, an important piece of legislation is coming into force in Scotland...

11 April 2019

From: Breaking News

How to improve your property’s EPC rating

It is estimated that buildings produce nearly half of this country’s carbon emissions - almost double that of cars and planes. The...

06 March 2019

From: Breaking News

Rogue landlord ordered to pay £4,500 for breaching a prohibition order

A landlord in Stevenage who allowed his tenant to live in an excessively cold attic with a serious fire safety hazard...

23 January 2019

From: Breaking News

How landlords can protect their property in cold weather

Winter is now very definitely here and the weather is only going to get harsher, possibly a lot harsher, before spring...

14 December 2018

From: Breaking News

Top tips to prevent burst and frozen pipes this winter

As winter approaches, landlords and other property owners need to take the right measures to prepare their properties against the cold...

03 December 2018

From: Breaking News

More landlords to be forced to improve energy efficiency of their properties

More landlords of the draughtiest homes in England and Wales will be required to upgrade their properties after amendments to regulations...

06 November 2018

From: Breaking News

BTL landlord uses bridging finance to add to portfolio

With many landlords finding it harder to secure a mortgage since the Prudential Regulation Authority’s changes were introduced last year, some...

02 November 2018

From: Breaking News

Landlord fined for renting out bed in shed

A landlord has been fined ordered to pay £5,000 for allowing tenants to sleep in an outbuilding in Enfield, north London. Sanjiv...

22 June 2018

From: Breaking News

Landlord fined for overcrowded property

A buy-to-let landlord has been reprimanded for housing too many people in a rented property in Peterborough Raashid Alyas, of Mayors Walk...

08 June 2018

From: Breaking News

Landlord fined for forcing tenants to live in ‘uninhabitable and unsafe conditions’

A buy-to-let landlord in Nottinghamshire has been ordered to pay almost £6,500 after failing to comply with an improvement relating to...

01 May 2018

From: Breaking News

Landlord ordered to pay more than £4k for ‘appalling’ property

A but-to-let landlord in south east London has been penalised for allowing his elderly tenants to live in a property that...

31 January 2018

From: Breaking News

Top tips to improve your properties’ EPC ratings

With less than three months until the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) are introduced in April 2018, Mike Feely of...

22 January 2018

From: Breaking News

Top tips to improve your property’s EPC rating

From the 1st April 2018, it will be unlawful to rent a property which breaches the requirement for a minimum energy...

22 August 2017

From: Breaking News

Two-third of landlords unaware of new energy efficiency rules

Around two-thirds of buy-to-let landlords lack awareness of new Minimum Energy Efficient Standards (MEES) that come into effect in April 2018,...

14 April 2017

From: Breaking News

NLA and NIA join forces to help landlords meet new regulations

National Landlords Association (NLA) has teamed up with the National Insulation Association (NIA) to provide landlords with an easy to use...

16 March 2017

From: Breaking News

Top tips for improving your property’s energy efficiency rating

The 2015 Energy Efficiency Regulations, passed in March 2015, set out minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) for England and Wales. These...

11 March 2017

From: Breaking News

Here are some top tips for achieving an E EPC rating

With the new EPC changes coming into force in April 2018, landlords should already be considering which energy efficient measures to...

29 December 2016

From: Breaking News

Free safety information event for landlords

Landlords and letting agents are being invited to attend a free drop-in event taking place next month that will provide information about...

15 November 2016

From: Breaking News

Don’t let damp and mould damage your property

Damp and mould can mean big problems for landlords, letting agents and tenants. It can cause stress and even health issues...

02 November 2016

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A third of tenants are paying for energy efficiency improvements

Around a third of tenants that were surveyed claim that they are being forced to pay for energy efficiency improvements in...

31 August 2016

From: Breaking News

Landlords in Cumbria offered chance to install central heating for free

Landlords in Cumbria are being offered grants to install gas or oil fuelled central heating systems in their homes for free...

05 August 2016

From: Breaking News

Landlords set to be hit with a hefty ‘green tax’

Up to 330,000 buy-to-let landlords will be required to pay a “green tax” of up to £5,000 to make their properties...

01 August 2016

From: Breaking News

Too many landlords provide ‘cold, draughty and damp accommodation’

More than half of tenants that were surveyed claim that they are being forced to live in cold and draughty rental...

01 August 2016

From: Breaking News

Landlord who put young family’s health and safety at risk fined

A landlord has been handed a major fine by Sunderland Magistrates' Court after repeatedly refusing to carry out improvements on his...

27 July 2016

From: Breaking News

Landlord banned from renting out garage

A landlord has been banned from renting out a converted garage after environmental health officers found a family living in sub-standard...

24 December 2015

From: Breaking News

Euro rule tax blow to landlords

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) is calling for urgent discussions with ministers following a ruling by the European Court of Justice...

08 June 2015

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