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From: A Bhalla 30 March 2021 11:41 AM

A Bhalla
👍🏼Seems like a fair and potentially the best Win Win solution for Tenants, LL & Govt (regardless of political party). And due to this fairly balanced approach based process we might - just might - also manage Senior social care in a more empathetic manner to create a better future society for community & elderly generations who mostly like to be looked after by the family/adult children/relatives at home instead of being left on the shelf facing loneliness or an incompetent social care, or sent in care homes to be looked after by strangers. This solution may become a catalyst to change society for the better by resetting traditional close family values, which have almost disappeared in our society. As observed at one of my social tenancy clients (40 & 38) who have been struggling in a 3 bed home with 4 teenagers/adult children but keep refusing to bid to rent a bigger space or let the grandma over 90+ go into a care home for the last 10 years stating that it’s against their family & cultural value to leave elders care to others & social care. It’s the family’s responsibility. Their next generations have learnt the same values-of self reliance & care for family elders being a priority over fighting for a ‘private’ space by conning a Landlord - social or private. All family adults work & pay towards the elderly person’s support at home, alongside sharing the rent and family expenses-& kids are growing up watching a caring family unit creating a society based on self reliance- a win win for all.

From: A Bhalla 09 October 2020 10:51 AM

A Bhalla

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A Bhalla

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