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Unlikely allies back online landlord licence checker idea

Pressure groups attacking landlords and letting agents are usually on the other side of the fence from property industry professionals but...

20 November 2020

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Generation Rent demands more public cash for renting families

Activists in Generation Rent claim that a fifth of families in the lettings sector suffer a shortfall between benefits and rent. Using selected data...

16 November 2020

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Latest two month eviction halt not enough for Generation Rent

The government’s announcement at the end of next week that almost no evictions would be possible before January 11 at the...

09 November 2020

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Stop lockdown evictions now! Generation Rent renews its demand

Generation Rent says there should be a reinstatement of the eviction ban immediately, and appears to have been stung into the...

05 November 2020

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Is Boris Johnson trying to force landlords to evict and sell?

A prominent Conservative supporter and expert in the private rental sector has posed an interesting question - is Boris Johnson trying...

04 November 2020

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Activists demand furlough-type hand outs to pay tenants’ arrears

Generation Rent is calling for a furlough-type scheme aimed at helping tenants. The group says that following news of the four week...

02 November 2020

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Generation Rent advising tenants to negotiate lower rents

Generation Rent, the pressure group led by Baroness Alicia Kennedy, is tweeting advice to tenants on how to negotiate a lower...

28 October 2020

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Petition for National Landlord Register struggles for signatures

A petition created by the Generation Rent group of activists and seeking a national landlord register appears to be struggling to...

23 October 2020

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Activists accuse councils of doing nothing to stop retaliatory evictions

Generation Rent activists are back on the warpath, this time accusing councils of not doing enough - and sometimes nothing -...

12 October 2020

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Mandatory landlord register demanded by Generation Rent activists

The Generation Rent campaign says a mandatory landlord register is necessary - and would have stopped the actions of a rogue...

06 October 2020

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Eviction ‘is not’ an inevitable outcome for tenants facing financial hardship

Concerns over a spike in evictions once the current ban is lifted are unfounded, according to the National Residential Landlords Association...

12 August 2020

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Government urged to protect renters from eviction

Thousands of renters face the prospect of losing their homes when the rental eviction ban lifts next month unless the government...

23 July 2020

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Thousands of tenants face losing home when eviction ban ends - claim

Thousands of tenants who have struggled to pay rent during the coronavirus pandemic face the prospect of losing their home when...

01 July 2020

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The NRLA slams Generation Rent for scaremongering tenants

Generation Rent has been criticised for claiming that homelessness could treble this year unless the government acts to help private renters. The...

01 July 2020

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New Airbnb rental calculator highlights how much more rent landlords can make

A new online calculator highlighting how much more rent landlords can make by letting to holidaymakers via Airbnb across a range...

07 February 2020

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The government has become too reliant on private landlords

All the main political parties are targeting the Generation Rent vote ahead of a potential snap general election, at the expense...

01 October 2019

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House prices are a blow for those seeking to ‘escape their generation rent’ status

Owning property is rapidly becoming the impossible dream in this country for many renters, especially when it comes to purchasing property...

30 September 2019

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Transport for London bans short term letting ads

Transport for London (TfL) has finally bowed to pressure from campaigners and announced a ban on adverts that promote short-term letting...

19 September 2019

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Does Size Matter for Property Investors

The English Private Landlord Survey shows that couples aged 25 - 49 make up the largest proportion of private renters, a...

16 September 2019

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Labour plans to cap rent rises in crackdown on landlords

Private landlords would be banned from above-inflation rent rises if Labour wins power after the next general election, according to a...

02 July 2019

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Hostmaker to pull their ‘misguided’ short-term rental ads

Hostmaker, which specialises in managing London properties put on to Airbnb and other short-let platforms, has apologised for causing controversy over...

04 June 2019

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Petition calls for Sadiq Khan to ban holiday let adverts in London

More than 8,300 Londoners have called on London Mayor Sadiq Khan to ban adverts ‘encouraging’ landlords to abandon long-term tenants for...

03 June 2019

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Four-year trend of rising rents ‘shows no signs of abating’

Private rental prices in the UK increased by 1.1% in the 12 months to February, according to the Office for National...

21 March 2019

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New tech solution to help sharers set-up and manage household bills

A new tech solution called Resooma Bills has been launched this morning to help make it easier for those living in...

20 February 2019

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More pet-friendly rental properties needed, says SpareRoom

Almost four out five tenants who own at least one animal have struggled to find pet-friendly accommodation, according to new research. The...

28 November 2018

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Tenant fee ban will not stop ‘hidden charges’

The government’s plan to introduce a ban on fees charged by landlords and letting agents is likely to come into force...

26 November 2018

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Failure of licensing system allows rogue landlords to ‘operate with impunity’

The government’s attempts to clampdown on rogue landlords have been branded ‘weak and pathetic’, partly due to the vast and complex...

25 October 2018

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Taxes on buy-to-let landlords have ‘made no difference to rents’

The rise in the number of buy-to-let landlords quitting the buy-to-let sector in response to a raft of tax and regulatory...

17 October 2018

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RentPassport and DepositFree insurance trial to take place in Scotland

Canopy, the UK property rental market app has teamed up with Rettie & Co. to trial RentPassport and DepositFree insurance at...

15 October 2018

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Future elections expected to be influenced powerfully by private renters

Recent changes in legislation, as part of government policy to encourage first-time buyers and owner-occupier purchases, have led to a tax...

11 October 2018

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Croydon becomes first council to support campaign to scrap Section 21

Croydon Council has become the first local authority to support calls to scrap the so-called ‘no fault’ evictions in order to...

10 October 2018

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Goodlord secures additional funding to help simplify renting process

PropTech startup Goodlord, which offers cloud-based software to help letting agents, landlords and tenants manage the rental process, has raised £7m...

09 October 2018

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Landlords could earn an extra £72 a month by allowing tenants to decorate

Landlords could potentially earn more than £850 extra a year in rental income by permitting their tenants to decorate their homes, according...

01 October 2018

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Almost half of private tenants would prefer deposit-free renting

Close to half of private renters would like to see tenant deposits scrapped and replaced with deposit protection insurance, according to...

19 September 2018

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Home ownership is the ‘ultimate goal’ for young adults

The chances of a young adult owning a home in this country has dropped dramatically over the past two decades due...

29 August 2018

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Landlords need to be able to ‘regain their property’ when things go wrong

A proposal to scrap Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988, the clause which allows landlords to evict tenants without cause, would...

28 August 2018

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Housebuilders looking to profit from Generation Rent

Property developers are looking to profit from the growing number of private renters by investing further in purpose-built rental accommodation. The Build...

23 August 2018

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London Assembly agrees motion to scrap Section 21 notices

The London Assembly Members yesterday agreed a unanimous motion calling on the Mayor of London to back a campaign to abolish...

06 July 2018

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Ideal Flatmate secures £1.25m seed fund

Ideal Flatmate has closed its second round of funding, taking total investment in the company to £1.25m. The website, a compatibility-based flatmate...

22 May 2018

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How to improve the rental market for tenants

Landlord licensing, a database of rogue landlords and improved rent controls are among some of the primary measures proposed by renters...

02 February 2018

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Generation Rent: Young adults fear they will never be able to buy property

Home ownership is increasingly out of reach for young people without the bank of Mum and Dad, according to a new...

11 January 2018

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Politicians risk neglecting those who ‘face a lifetime of renting’, claims lobby group

High house prices, inadequate savings and longer life expectancies mean a number of people will never be able to get a...

14 November 2017

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Legislation and technology is giving more power to tenants

As the letting fees ban looms ahead, it is clear that however it plays out we are seeing more and more...

06 November 2017

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Generation Rent hit by rising house prices

The annual rate of house price growth increased to 2.5% in October, according to the latest figures, pushing homes further out...

02 November 2017

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Direct Line Group acquires stake in rental market disrupter Canopy

Direct Line Group has announced that it has taken a 15% equity stake in Canopy, a rental market disruptor founded last...

03 October 2017

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Generation Rent hit by ‘rising house prices and low interest rates’

Renters in London face a five year delay in buying a home of their own if they leave savings in cash,...

20 September 2017

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A growing number of people are ‘coming to rely on the private rental sector’

A generation is being priced out of the housing market with homeownership levels set to fall further as younger people are...

10 August 2017

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Britain to become a nation of renters

A growing number of young British adults are giving up hope of ever owning their own property, fresh research shows. A startling...

03 August 2017

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One month tenancy deposit cap is ‘just the first step’

With almost 5.8 million households expected to be living in private rented accommodation within four years as homeownership and social renting...

05 July 2017

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Tenants spend over half their pay on rent in most London boroughs

Most single tenants renting privately in the capital are now paying more than half of their monthly salary on average to...

25 May 2017

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Cash-strapped millenials renting in the UK are struggling to live alone

Young private renters are facing staggering new hurdles to simply live alone and make a decent wage, new research shows.   Those attempting...

08 May 2017

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Renters feel let down by ‘dishonest and unethical’ letting agents, claims study

For both parties, a good landlord-tenant relationship is great for everyone involved, but that rapport can sometimes be ruined by ‘dishonest...

26 April 2017

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Generation Rent ‘don't want the burden’ of homeownership

The percentage of people in the UK who own their own home is currently falling, and not just because housing is...

19 April 2017

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Rise of Generation Rent as home ownership hits new low

Home ownership has dropped to its lowest level for more than 30 years, with high property prices leaving many people with...

03 April 2017

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Tenants spend half their pay on rent

Rents in this country are now around half of tenants’ average take-home pay, according to a report on the state of...

22 March 2017

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Increase in long-term rentals

Four in 10 people who rent a home expect to be renting a property for up to a decade; an attractive...

21 February 2017

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Almost three-quarters of tenants pay for their own home improvements

Some 73% of private renters conduct DIY at their own expense, with close to a quarter spending more than £500 in...

06 February 2017

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Rental price growth slowed in October

The pace of rental price growth in the UK slowed to 0.05% in the month to October from a rise of...

04 November 2016

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New landlord checking service launched

Private tenants can now verify a landlord's credentials for any UK rental opportunity following the launch of a new landlord checking...

20 October 2016

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The rise of middle-aged renters

A growing number of private renters are now older than 40, a fundamental shift over the past decade that reflects the...

21 September 2016

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Where can you achieve the most expensive rents in England?

Renters now spend more than a third of their disposable income on rent across large parts of England, new research has...

08 August 2016

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New Chancellor urged to suspend stamp duty

The former president of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) is calling on the new Chancellor, Philip Hammond, to consider...

18 July 2016

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Rise of ‘generation rent’ as more people live in rented accommodation

High property prices and a  lack of affordable homes continues to lock many would-be buyers out of the property market leaving...

23 May 2016

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Rent woes leading to retirement worries

A new report from Halifax shows that delays in getting onto the housing ladder are leading to increasing worries about retirement...

29 April 2016

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Tenants vent their renting experiences

Renters are publicly shaming their landlords over 'rip-off' rent prices in London in a new social media campaign. The hashtag #ventyourrent was...

28 April 2016

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Tenants charged up to £780 to move home

Generation Rent has renewed its calls for the government to ban letting agents from charging fees to tenants.  The group’s ongoing research...

19 April 2016

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Starter Homes initiative described as “£27bn raffle” by renters

A tenants’ campaign group claims the Starter Homes scheme will help just 200,000 first-timer buyers, leaving 2 million aspiring home owners...

01 March 2016

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Landlord’s insurer pursues tenant for damages

A tenant is being pursued for damages to a rented property covered by her landlord’s insurance. The Telegraph has reported on the test...

09 February 2016

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Generation Rent calling for compensation for evicted tenants

Campaign group Generation Rent is calling for tenants who are served notice to leave a property to be compensated by landlords.  The...

28 January 2016

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Starting a family “unaffordable for average London household”

London is off-limits to the average couple who want to start a family, according to research from Generation Rent. The group has...

27 January 2016

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BTL tax clampdown “won’t help Generation Rent”

The mortgage director of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations has said that George Osborne’s clampdown on buy-to-let...

03 December 2015

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Is Generation Rent being overlooked?

The Government has been accused of ignoring renters as it focuses on plans to increase owner occupation. Prime Minister David Cameron announced...

09 October 2015

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uSwitch accuses landlords of prohibiting tenants from changing energy suppliers

Landlords are potentially costing tenants significant sums of money by barring them from changing energy supplier.  This is the claim from price...

24 September 2015

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Generation Rent lives to fight another day – just about

Generation Rent has raised enough money to keep campaigning for private renters across the UK, amassing nearly £18,000 in donations. The organisation...

03 September 2015

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Dawn swoop in east London finds 55 living in three houses

Enforcement officers from Barking and Dagenham Council swooped on three addresses in east London last week as part of clamp down...

17 August 2015

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Bexley identified as affordable option for the capital

London workers trying to save money on rent and travel costs should move to Bexley, research by Generation Rent suggests. Research by...

06 August 2015

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Industry reaction to immigration crackdown

Plans to force landlords to act as border control and potentially be jailed if they house illegal immigrants have met with...

04 August 2015

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Rents up 2.5% in the past year

Private rental prices paid by tenants in Great Britain rose by 2.5% in the 12 months to June 2015, according to...

03 August 2015

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Generation Rent appeals for crowdfunding contributions

Campaign group Generation Rent has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £60,000 to keep the organisation going. The crowdfunding push follows an...

30 July 2015

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Generation Rent: Criminal landlords are not being brought to justice

The tiny number of landlord convictions is no deterrent to the worst landlords, Generation Rent has said, as it calls on...

27 July 2015

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PwC: Half of under 40s will rent privately by 2025

House price rises and a shortage of social housing means that one in four households will be renting by 2015. That’s the...

23 July 2015

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Landlords warn of higher rents, tenants in denial

Opinions are split about whether limiting the amount of tax relief landlords can claim on mortgage interest payments will cause private...

10 July 2015

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Tax relief blow for landlords – the industry reacts

Experts warn that rents will rise after Chancellor George Osborne announced a cut in tax relief to landlords in the summer...

08 July 2015

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Generation Rent appoints new director

Tenant campaign group Generation Rent has announced that director Alex Hilton is stepping down from his role. He will be leaving the...

13 May 2015

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Labour announces rent cap proposals

The Labour party has announced plans to reform the private rented sector should it come to power. It would introduce legislation to...

27 April 2015

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