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Third Term Lucky for Mayor Sadiq Khan?

So Sadiq Khan has succeeded in winning a third term as Mayor of London – albeit with a smaller majority than...

15 June 2024

From: Agent Advice

Labour left puts Khan under pressure over housing policies

Sadiq Khan, newly elected for a third term as London Mayor, is already under pressure from the Labour Left to be...

10 May 2024

From: Breaking News

Mayor election hopefuls told to clampdown on Airbnbs

Agents’ trade group Propertymark is demanding London Mayor candidates tackle what it calls “the unique housing challenges that the capital experiences.” Londoners...

01 May 2024

From: Breaking News

Khan wants taxpayer-funded mould sensors in private rental homes

Labour London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to install ‘mould sensors’ in thousands of rental homes across the capital. In a pledge ahead...

29 April 2024

From: Breaking News

Khan funds group “intervening on the doorstep” at evictions

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is demanding the government finally abolish Section 21 eviction powers - and claims over 30,000 households in...

04 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Generation Rent wants rent controls to be election issue

Generation Rent has yet again come out for rent control over the private sector - and wants it to be an...

22 February 2024

From: Breaking News

Is a change of government Starmergeddon for Britain’s landlords? 

I’m not especially political and certainly carry no candle for one flavour or another. I might argue that they’re all pretty...

10 February 2024

From: Legislation & Compliance

Sadiq Khan challenged by new candidate seeking rental reform

A newly-nominated candidate in this spring’s London Mayoral election has vowed to lower private rents if he wins. Serge Crowbolder, currently a...

06 February 2024

From: Breaking News

Rent Control Mayor dismissed as “well meaning but naive”

Rents across the UK continue to retreat from their 2023 highs, falling by 2.9 per cent over the last three months,...

17 January 2024

From: Breaking News

EPCs - Generation Rent and Labour Mayor slam landlords and government

Generation Rent and London Mayor Sadiq Khan have jointly slammed landlords who do not improve the EPCs of their private rental...

05 December 2023

From: Breaking News

Rent Controls would force a third of landlords to quit Buy To Let

Over a third of private landlords would sell properties if rent controls were introduced in their area, according to a trade...

07 September 2023

From: Breaking News

Airbnb refutes Sadiq Khan’s analysis of ‘out of control’ short lets

Airbnb has issued a statement responding to the call for a clampdown on short lets demanded by Labour’s outspoken London Mayor,...

01 August 2023

From: Breaking News

Sadiq Khan wants Airbnb and short-let licensing for London

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who wants the government to give him the powers to impose rent controls, is now demanding licensing...

21 July 2023

From: Breaking News

NRLA delight that Labour now opposes rent controls

The National Residential Landlords Associations has expressed relief that Labour appears to be backing away from rent controls. Association chief executive Ben...

29 June 2023

From: Breaking News

Activists back Labour Mayor’s demand for power to seize homes

The Generation Rent campaign has given its support to a call by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to be given powers to...

26 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Starmer rejects Sadiq Khan’s demand for rent controls

The Financial Times says the Labour Party is poised to reject the increasingly shrill calls for rent controls made by the...

19 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Rent Controls - Twitter spat between high-profile campaigners

Two of the most prominent campaigners over rent controls - albeit one on either side of the argument - have had...

11 April 2023

From: Breaking News

Sadiq Khan urged to act against ‘exempt landlords’

The London Mayor has been told to act urgently against the landlords of so-called ‘exempt accommodation’ in London. This is the largely-unregulated...

21 March 2023

From: Breaking News

Mayor demands powers to freeze private rents - yet again…

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has yet again taken to social media to demand the powers to freeze private sector rents. This has...

23 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Myth of rent controls is exploded by property industry chief

A leading property industry figure has exploded the myths that lie behind the calls for private rent controls. Ian Fletcher, director of...

22 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Rent control Twitter rant backfires on London Mayor

A rant about rent controls by London Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan appears to have backfired. Khan - who has repeatedly demanded that...

15 February 2023

From: Breaking News

A Perfect Storm for London Renters?

The perennial shortage of new homes in the capital has now collided with a sharp increase in government regulation, a tripling...

28 January 2023

From: The Big Issues

Stricter EPCs, Rent Controls, S21 Scrapping - is this 2023?

Yes, it’s that time again when the property hoi polloi impose their predictions for the following year on us and so,...

17 December 2022

From: The Big Issues

Labour’s Sadiq Khan pushed to do more to help renters

Two councillors have successfully used the London Assembly to push London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the government to do more to...

05 December 2022

From: Breaking News

Labour Mayor demands 'name and shame' UK rogue landlord database

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has praised tenants in the capital for using a register that names and shames rogue landlords -...

23 November 2022

From: Breaking News

“We’ll train people to resist evictions” says Renters Reform group

One of the many activist groups in the so-called Renters’ Reform Coalition has pledged to “train people across the country to...

13 October 2022

From: Breaking News

Labour criticises Budget for not including rent freeze

The mini-Budget was always billed as a tax-cutting, growth-generating affair - and so it proved - but Labour has criticised it...

26 September 2022

From: Breaking News

 Labour calls for rent freeze now and rent controls long term

Labour’s London Mayor - buoyed up after the party’s successes in the capital in last week’s elections - has renewed his...

10 May 2022

From: Breaking News

Tenants given 15 questions to ask landlords and agents

A controversial PropTech rental platform has issued a list of questions and issues to check when tenants rent from a landlord...

12 April 2022

From: Breaking News

Prominent Labour MP wants rent controls to aid economic recovery

The former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer says rent controls are a vital part of a four-pronged ‘Radical Recovery Programme’. John McDonnell has...

22 March 2022

From: Breaking News

Rent Control threat now hurting capital values - analyst’s warning

The threat of rent controls in two parts of the country may now be so severe that buy to let landlords...

17 March 2022

From: Breaking News

Labour Mayor and ex-Labour Baroness demand rent freeze

A Labour Mayor and a former Labour baroness have teamed up to call for rent freezes in London, claiming they slash...

11 March 2022

From: Breaking News

Rent controls would add to London’s lettings stock shortfall

A new calculation suggests London needs almost 85,000 new private rented homes a year to meet its housing needs. And it adds...

07 March 2022

From: Breaking News

EPC Upgrades - Raise cap for landlord spending, government told

The government has been told to raise the landlord cost cap to £10,000 to increase the number of private rental sector...

08 October 2021

From: Breaking News

New plan to buy back council houses, then re-let them

London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to buy back former council houses now in the private rental sector. Right to Buy, part of...

15 July 2021

From: Breaking News

Landlords slam Sadiq Khan’s rent control power grab

The main landlords’ trade body has hit out at a bid by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to secure powers to impose private...

09 April 2021

From: Breaking News

Police help landlords conduct illegal and violent evictions - claim

A group of activists at the centre of campaigns for renters’ rights has claimed the police help landlords commit illegal acts. The London...

18 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Eviction ban set to be central issue in spring local elections

Activists are aiming to make the eviction ban a central theme in this spring’s local elections. In early May there are elections...

11 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Labour Mayor Khan to put rent controls at heart of election fight

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is to keep a call for rent controls in the capital as a major plank of his...

18 February 2021

From: Breaking News

Tenants shouldn’t be obliged to attend possession hearings - call

Activists in a rental reform coalition say court possession hearings should be halted as well as bailiff-led evictions. They say the stress...

11 January 2021

From: Breaking News

Rent freeze and eviction ban demanded by London Mayor Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for an extension of the eviction ban and a two year rent freeze in the...

08 January 2021

From: Breaking News

Rent reform activists hit trouble with recruitment drive

Generation Rent, the lobby group that tells the government how it thinks the lettings industry should operate, appears to have a...

05 January 2021

From: Breaking News

London Mayor wants windfall tax to fund cladding removal

London Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan wants a £3 billion one-off windfall tax on private developers to fund replacement cladding on affected...

30 December 2020

From: Breaking News

Pro-tenant activists recruit campaign staff for 2021 battle

Staff are being recruited by a coalition of groups campaigning for widespread restrictions on landlord powers in 2021. Called the Renters Reform...

22 December 2020

From: Breaking News

Candidate makes pet-friendly tenancies a political hot potato

One of the candidates for next year’s London Mayoral election wants to put pet-friendly tenancies for the private rental sector as...

17 December 2020

From: Breaking News

Landlords could discriminate against EU citizens, fears Mayor Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says landlords in the capital could  discriminate against EU citizens living in the UK capital if those...

02 December 2020

From: Breaking News

London mayor Sadiq Khan calls for two-year rent freeze

Rents should be frozen in London to avert mass evictions, city mayor Sadiq Khan has told the government. Khan wants new powers...

17 September 2020

From: Breaking News

Transport for London bans short term letting ads

Transport for London (TfL) has finally bowed to pressure from campaigners and announced a ban on adverts that promote short-term letting...

19 September 2019

From: Breaking News

National Landlord Investment Show to address key issues today

Buy-to-let landlords and property enthusiasts will once again descend on the Olympia Conference Centre in London today where they will be...

13 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Hostmaker to pull their ‘misguided’ short-term rental ads

Hostmaker, which specialises in managing London properties put on to Airbnb and other short-let platforms, has apologised for causing controversy over...

04 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Petition calls for Sadiq Khan to ban holiday let adverts in London

More than 8,300 Londoners have called on London Mayor Sadiq Khan to ban adverts ‘encouraging’ landlords to abandon long-term tenants for...

03 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Former London mayor to take part in major landlord debate

Ex-London mayor Ken Livingstone will take part in the Future of the UK Housing Market Debate at the National Landlord Investment...

30 May 2019

From: Breaking News

London mayor Sadiq Khan urged to crackdown on short-term letting adverts

London mayor Sadiq Khan is being urged to pull advertisements encouraging landlords to move into tourist lets. Following a significant drop in...

23 May 2019

From: Breaking News

Ultra-low emission zone aims to reduce poor air quality

Around 2 million Londoners, including many renters, live in areas which exceed legal limits for air pollution, fresh figures show. The data...

08 April 2019

From: Breaking News

London property hotspots – where should you invest in 2018?

With 65,000 affordable new homes planned to be built in London per year, it would appear that the capital is offering...

05 February 2018

From: Breaking News

Top 10 postcodes for buy-to-let in London

A high number of buy-to-let investors prioritise rental rents over capital gains when making property purchase decisions, and with that in...

04 August 2017

From: Breaking News

Tenants now spending two-thirds of disposable income on rent

Tenants are now spending two-thirds of their disposable income on rent as sky-high prices put even more homes out of reach. The...

13 September 2016

From: Breaking News

Name and shame ‘minority’ who provide substandard accommodation, say landlords

The mayor of London’s pledge to publically name ‘bad’ landlords who have been convicted of housing-related offences is supported by the...

14 June 2016

From: Breaking News

Sadiq Khan vows to expose London’s rogue landlords

The new mayor of London has pledged to get tough on rogue landlords in the capital by introducing a ‘London Landlord...

11 May 2016

From: Breaking News

What does Sadiq Khan’s victory mean for housing in London?

The new mayor of London Sadiq Khan has pledged to do all in his power to help make London “better” after...

09 May 2016

From: Breaking News

Where do leading London mayoral candidates stand on housing?

With just a few hours until polls close in London, housing remains the main issue that may help determine who gets to run the...

05 May 2016

From: Breaking News

RLA launches London Mayoral Manifesto

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has set out what it believes should be priorities for the successful London Mayoral candidate in...

11 April 2016

From: Breaking News

Labour proposes rogue landlord database for London

Labour's London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan has launched his election manifesto and pledged to help the capital’s two million renters. Khan’s election...

11 March 2016

From: Breaking News

Lib Dems in London push for longer tenancies

The Liberal Democrat London mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon says she would encourage landlords to offer longer tenancies if she was elected...

10 March 2016

From: Breaking News

London boiler cashback scheme launched

London Mayor Boris Johnson has just announced the capital’s first boiler replacement scheme. The London Boiler Cashback Scheme is providing 6,500...

04 February 2016

From: Breaking News

LSE: “Rent control is not the easy answer”

Rent controls and similar policies which are thought to work well in other countries cannot be easily replicated in the UK’s...

22 June 2015

From: Breaking News

Mayor’s rental standard has “flopped”, says critic

A member of Labour’s London Assembly has warned that “Boris Johnson’s system of voluntary self-regulation is failing private renters in Tower...

09 June 2015

From: Breaking News

Housing campaigner runs for London Mayor

Victorious housing campaigner Lindsey Garrett from the New Era Estate in Hackney is taking on Labour and the Conservatives for the...

15 May 2015

From: Breaking News

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