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Solicitors slam landlords in bid to trigger tenant legal action

A solicitors’ practice claims repairs initiated by landlords take an average of 41 days to be completed after a tenant complains...

12 October 2021

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Shamplina Speaks - Landlords Are At A Crossroads

As founder of Landlord Action and chief operating officer at Hamilton Fraser, I’ve been talking to landlords for over 25 years...

09 October 2021

From: The Big Issues

Universal Credit cut today - landlords’ last gasp criticism

Today the government will go ahead with a planned cut to Universal Credit of £20 per week.  The level of welfare support...

06 October 2021

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Lettings agent makes another blistering attack on landlords

A lettings agent who has started a rental insurance business has launched another attack on landlords. Ajay Jagota, who runs KIS Lettings...

26 July 2021

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Improve rental sector EPCs? A pipedream …

Government ambitions to improve the energy efficiency of the private rental sector are just “a pipedream” without financial assistance according to...

26 July 2021

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Happy Tenants! Big majority of renters satisfied with landlords

Over 80 per cent of private renters in England are satisfied with their accommodation according to new data. Figures from the English...

12 July 2021

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Growing investment from landlords despite rents stagnating

There is substantial investment going in to the private rental sector by individual landlords, according to evidence from the latest edition...

11 February 2021

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Private renters enjoy more life satisfaction than social sector tenants

Social renters have the lowest life satisfaction and experience the greatest anxiety according to analysis by a property management firm.  Lettings company...

14 January 2021

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Tenants get more help from private landlords than social landlords

Private landlords have been giving more help to tenants who cannot pay their rent as a result of Covid than those...

18 December 2020

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Politicians making rental laws with too little information - claim

The leading landlord trade body wants a new and regular study of housing in Wales, to make its politicians better-informed. The National Residential...

19 October 2020

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Landlords and tenants require a ‘solution that can provide financial support’

More money needs to be made available to support landlords and renters during the existing Covid-19 pandemic, according to Bankrate UK.  The...

01 September 2020

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Eviction ban extension could leave landlords facing two years without rent

Buy-to-let landlords could be facing up to two years without rent due to the government’s decision to extend the evictions ban,...

28 August 2020

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Private renters are ‘increasingly satisfied with their housing’

Buy-to-let landlords have been commended for improving conditions in the private rented sector.  The majority of landlords take their responsibilities to their...

13 July 2020

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Long-term fixed contracts will now ‘prove less attractive to tenants’

Whether a matter of choice or necessity, many private renters demand long-term security and the vast majority of private landlords are...

07 April 2020

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More than a quarter of landlords saw an increase in tenant demand in Q4 2019

The private rented sector ended 2019 strongly, with 27% of landlords experiencing an increase in tenant demand, according to the latest...

18 February 2020

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BTL landlords are providing private tenants with long-term security

Whether a matter of choice or necessity, most private renters need long-term security and the vast majority of private landlords are...

24 January 2020

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‘Landlords want to comply with the law and offer a good home to their tenants’

While some rogue landlords and bad players grab the headlines, the reality is that the vast majority of private sector landlords...

13 January 2020

From: Breaking News

Rent controls are not to the answer to London’s housing crisis

The mayor of London is being urged to forget about rent controls and instead focus on increasing the supply of rental...

11 November 2019

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Significant improvement in PRS housing standards

Standards in the private rented sector have improved as buy-to-let landlords respond to legislation aimed at improving living conditions for tenants,...

25 September 2019

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Landlords ‘can reap the benefits’ by catering for older tenants and families

Buy-to-let landlords could benefit financially by catering their offerings towards the growing older renter and family tenant demographics, according to the...

12 September 2019

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A quarter of private rented properties fail basic health and safety standards

A quarter - 25% - of homes rented from private landlords fail to meet the national Decent Homes Standard when taking...

30 August 2019

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A better regulated PRS would ‘enhance the landlord-tenant relationship’

More needs to be done to improve transparency and standards in the private rented sector, according to the Royal Institute Of...

27 August 2019

From: Breaking News

August is the most popular time to move home

Whether you are looking to rent out your property or sell, it is worth noting that August is the most popular...

26 July 2019

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Cap rents in London: Sadiq Khan ‘has failed to learn the lessons of history’

The mayor of London has called for additional powers so he can introduce rent controls in the capital. Sadiq Khan believes greater...

22 July 2019

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Most tenants satisfied with private rented housing, says new report

The majority of private renters were satisfied or very satisfied with their current accommodation, according to the English Housing Survey report...

18 July 2019

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Renters stand to save £192m a year as a result of the tenant fee ban

Private renters in the UK look set to save in the region of £192m a year as a consequence of the...

05 June 2019

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Slow growth in rents leads to ‘modest improvement in rental affordability’

Weak rental growth has resulted in improved affordability for renters across many parts of the country, including London, while rents in...

17 April 2019

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Top tips for renting out your property

ARLA Propertymark has compiled some top tips aimed at novice landlords that some experienced buy-to-let landlords may also find useful. Peter Savage,...

01 March 2019

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It’s time to tackle the scourge of sub-standard rental homes, says PayProp chief

Tenants living in sub-standard rented accommodation need greater support, according to Neil Cobbold, chief operating officer of PayProp UK, who has...

20 February 2019

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Proportion of income spent on rent by private tenants has fallen

The proportion of income spent on rent in the private rented sector has fallen from 35.4% in 2010/11 to 32.9% in...

14 February 2019

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Cost of renting in the private sector falls

The proportion of income spent by private tenants on rents in England has continued to fall, according to an official report...

01 February 2019

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Government benefit cuts fuel surge in homelessness from rented housing

Government benefit changes, including cuts to housing benefit, are to blame for increasing levels of homelessness from private rented housing, according...

21 November 2018

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Strong demand for rental homes as standards ‘higher than ever before’

Buying a property is cheaper than renting in every area of the UK, a recent study found, and yet a growing...

31 October 2018

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Rogue landlords ‘have no place in the market’, says RLA

Councils must do more to root out unscrupulous landlords that give the sector a bad name, according to the Residential Landlords...

11 September 2018

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Amateur landlords are ‘beating a fast retreat’ and ‘becoming an anachronism’

A two-speed market has emerged in the buy-to-let sector as smaller landlords have stopped adding to their portfolios, according to Octane...

13 July 2018

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Most private tenants are happy with their homes

The vast majority of private sector tenants are satisfied with their housing, the English Housing Survey report for 2016/17 has found. The...

13 July 2018

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Tenants fork out more than £1bn a year in repairs

Renters are spending more than £1bn of their own money every year on repairs their landlords failed to carry out, fresh...

08 May 2018

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Government urged to focus on improving conditions in the PRS

The government must focus on urgently improving dangerous housing conditions across the country after new figures revealed that thousands of private...

17 April 2018

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Average London renter now requires £3K deposit, says campaigning letting agent

Tenants in London are now required to pay up to £8,650 just to move into a rented home, it has been...

20 March 2018

From: Breaking News

‘Lean on landlords that aren't doing the job’, says shadow housing minister

Councils are being urged to do more to crack down on rogue landlords who are leaving thousands of tenants living in...

19 March 2018

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The PRS is increasingly relied upon to house young adults

Fresh research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) which reveals that young adults are less likely to own a home...

20 February 2018

From: Breaking News

London’s housing crisis putting greater pressure on the PRS

The housing crisis is the greatest challenge London faces. Years of not building enough new homes, including affordable housing, mean many...

29 January 2018

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Parliament to discuss giving tenants legal right to challenge landlords this week

A Private Members’ Bill put forward by Labour MP, Karen Buck, which offers tenants the legal right to take action against...

16 January 2018

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Most tenants ‘have no desire' to own a home’

It is well known that homeownership rates have been falling rapidly, particularly among young people, despite government efforts to reverse the...

06 October 2017

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Landlords urged to adopt a more professional approach

In an attempt to improve standards in the private rented sector, a London-based letting agent is calling on buy-to-let landlords to adopt...

22 August 2017

From: Breaking News

Britain to become a nation of renters

A growing number of young British adults are giving up hope of ever owning their own property, fresh research shows. A startling...

03 August 2017

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Conservative manifesto fails to support landlords, says Tory peer

The Conservatives have announced a range of housing policies designed to help them win the general election, including pledging to build...

31 May 2017

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Labour unveil plans to ‘call time on bad landlords’

Labour has pledged a “consumer rights revolution” which will introduce legal minimum standards for all rental homes because people currently have...

02 May 2017

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Landlords provide the stability that many tenants ‘need and want’

Buy-to-let landlords continue to deliver longer tenancies, providing tenants with the stability that many tenants ‘need and want’, according to the...

03 March 2017

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Increase in long-term rentals

Four in 10 people who rent a home expect to be renting a property for up to a decade; an attractive...

21 February 2017

From: Breaking News

Significant drop in landlord possession claims

There has been a sharp decline in the volume of claims made by private sector landlords to repossess a property over...

11 November 2016

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RLA slams Shelter’s ‘extravagant claims’ about housing standards

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has once again defended the private rented sector (PRS) after Shelter’s latest analysis of housing trends...

18 October 2016

From: Breaking News

Corbyn’s proposed ‘rent controls’ would be a ‘disaster for tenants’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to introduce rent controls and secure tenancies in the private rented sector (PRS) if elected prime...

08 August 2016

From: Breaking News

Low ownership rates fuels rental demand

Home ownership has fallen to its lowest level for 30 years in England, with rising prices leaving many people with little...

03 August 2016

From: Breaking News

The PRS is fit for purpose despite claims to the contrary, says RLA

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has defended the private rented sector after the Resolution Foundation’s latest analysis of housing trends in...

03 August 2016

From: Breaking News

Tenants prepared to make sacrifices to get on the property ladder

Tenants in the UK who are saving for a deposit to purchase their first home are more prepared than ever before...

22 July 2016

From: Breaking News

More families living in private rented accommodation

There has been an increase in the number of landlords letting homes to families with children, fresh research reveals. The latest findings...

22 June 2016

From: Breaking News

 Landlords meeting need for longer tenancies, says RLA

The latest official figures show landlords are meeting the growing need for longer tenancies in private rented housing.   New Government figures show...

22 February 2016

From: Breaking News

Private renting has grown by 17,000 households a month in England claim

The government’s initiatives to try to increase house building and owner occupation will not stop demand for rented homes rising by...

04 February 2016

From: Breaking News

Number of households privately renting has doubled in 30 years

The number of households renting from private landlords has more than doubled in the past thirty years.  Some 22% of households now...

06 October 2015

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