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Landlord, 86, fined after rat droppings found at unsafe HMO

A landlord has been fined £6,000 for failing to properly maintain a HMO in Reading. Nidan Singh, 76, has also been ordered to...

22 April 2021

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Shocking lack of toilet facilities for rogue landlord's tenants

A landlord who allowed his tenants to live in squalid conditions, has been ordered by the court to pay £5,000 for...

26 March 2021

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Should new HMOs have en suites to combat Coronavirus?

A councillor has called for all new HMOs to be created with en suite bathrooms, and not shared bathrooms. The call came during...

31 December 2020

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HMO landlord fined £70,500 over homes in ‘shocking’ condition

A landlord who failed to properly look after two HMOs has been fined £70,500 by an Essex council. Lystra Dorval, of Ilford,...

16 November 2020

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Insight into problems for tenants in shared flats and houses

A new survey gives an insight into problems involving tenants who share apartments and houses - and how those difficulties could...

16 November 2020

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Top tips on investing in student HMOs

HMOs are an important part of the UK housing market as they offer students and young professionals affordable accommodation. There is...

10 November 2020

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Top tips for new student landlords

Student property remains one of the most lucrative investments available to landlords, with sky-high double-digit yields currently on offer in many...

09 January 2020

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Do you rely on Google to provide home maintenance and renovation advice?

Home maintenance and renovation are without a doubt some of the biggest responsibilities of owning a property, especially for buy-to-let landlords,...

27 November 2019

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Rogue landlord fined for letting uninhabitable property

An unscrupulous landlord has been ordered to pay almost £4,000 after tenants were discovered living in an appalling and unsafe property.  Officers...

09 October 2019

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Moving home? Here’s your guide to property jargon

When it comes to buying, selling, letting or renting a property, you will likely be faced with words, phrases, acronyms and...

08 October 2019

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The biggest property viewing turnoffs unveiled

Struggling to let or sell a property? There are a number of things that turn off potential renters and homebuyers off,...

10 September 2019

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Landlord left in tears after nightmare tenant leaves house in an awful state

A landlord in Cardiff was reduced to tears after discovering her house in a shockingly dire state. The tenant is said to...

26 June 2019

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Landlord to be sentenced for secretly recording tenant in the bathroom

A buy-to-let landlord will be sentenced today in Plymouth Crown Court after he admitted to using a secret camera to spy...

07 June 2019

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BTL landlord ordered to pay more than £10k for badly maintained property

Toilet flushing discharged into the rear yard of a property, broken fire alarms and faulty electrics were among the defects found...

11 February 2019

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Landlord who kept 23 people in overcrowded conditions fined £7,500

A landlord in Ilford, Essex, who allowed 23 people to live in overcrowded conditions has been fined £7,500. Tenants in a house...

18 October 2018

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Concern grows over unregistered landlords of HMOs

With just a few days left until changes to mandatory HMO licensing are introduced, there is growing concern that many landlords...

25 September 2018

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BTL landlords at risk of hefty fines if they miss next week’s HMO deadline

Landlords of HMOs are being urged to get licensed before changes to mandatory HMO licensing are introduced next week to avoid...

24 September 2018

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Here are some useful tips when doing an end of tenancy clean yourself

Having a cleaning checklist to ensure your property is in a good condition is important for both landlords and tenants. End of...

07 September 2018

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Drugs worth £60k found by landlord in rented property

A tenant has appeared in court after being caught with a drug haul worth in the region of £60,000. The man was...

08 August 2018

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Tenants fork out more than £1bn a year in repairs

Renters are spending more than £1bn of their own money every year on repairs their landlords failed to carry out, fresh...

08 May 2018

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How to be a successful landlord in five easy steps

Tenants that have nothing but respect and praise for their landlords are the sort of tenants that are likely to be...

19 January 2018

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Things to check when choosing landlord home emergency cover

Working as a landlord involves dealing with the occasional less-than-calm phone call in the middle of the night about a broken...

01 December 2017

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New licensing for private landlords in West London

A new licensing system in the West London neighbourhoods of Hammersmith, Shepherd’s Bush, Fulham, Chiswick and Ealing aims to protect landlords...

12 October 2017

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New HMO changes good for tenants, and landlords too

Local authorities now have greater powers to control properties rented out in their areas, thanks to changes in the mandatory HMO...

12 October 2017

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Landlords ‘taken to task’ and banned from renting out homes

Nine private landlords have been banned from letting out homes in the Govanhill area of Glasgow after being found unfit to...

06 September 2017

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Council ‘pressing the government’ to roll out selective licensing scheme

Borough wide selective licensing could soon be coming to Brent if the the local council gets its way. Brent Council wants the...

16 August 2017

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Almost half of landlords have fallen out with tenants, but why?

A growing number of tenants and landlords are falling out over a range of issues, from cleaning and maintenance duties, to...

06 July 2017

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Don’t leave your rental properties unprotected, urges Lloyds

Living next to inconsiderate neighbours can be a nightmare, but letting to bad tenants can prove costly. Investing in the private rented...

19 May 2017

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Things forgetful tenants leave behind

Forgetfulness is a problem for many people, but how many of us would leave behind an urn of pet ashes when...

13 April 2017

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Rogue landlords handed a hefty fine

Two unscrupulous landlords in Reading have been fined almost £9,000 for poor housing standards and a complete disregard for the welfare...

23 February 2017

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Landlord ordered to pay over £8,000 for catalogue of health and safety hazards

An unscrupulous landlord who failed to maintain his rental property, which included mould and a leaking toilet, has been prosecuted by...

18 January 2017

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Have you bought Christmas presents for your tenants yet?

You’ve been shopping and shopping, and you’ve just about found something for everyone, but have you bought Christmas gifts for your...

23 December 2016

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Prominent landlord fined for poor property management

A landlord in Bristol has been fined thousands of pounds after tenants and neighbours complained about the awful state of toilets,...

21 November 2016

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Anyone looking inside this landlord’s house of horrors will think it is Halloween

An unscrupulous landlord who failed to fix a toilet which had became detached from the soil pipe, leaking all over the...

31 October 2016

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Landlord foots £2,000 bill after tenants trash property

A landlord was left with a £2,000 cleaning bill after a group of tenants left his property in a state of...

10 October 2016

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Knockout blow for landlord Mohammed Ali

A landlord operating in the London borough of Brent has been has been ordered to pay close to £7,500 for cramming...

21 September 2016

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Rogue landlord and accomplice fined £28k for scam

A landlord and her accomplice have been ordered to pay close to £28,000 after being caught out trying to con investigators...

16 September 2016

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Here’s what to consider when calculating fair 'wear and tear'

General 'wear and tear' is a fact of life with rental properties, as with any other property, but to help determine...

22 July 2016

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Landlords advised to wait until April to replace furniture

Landlords should wait to replace furniture in let properties until 6 April 2016 when the 10% wear and tear allowance is...

12 February 2016

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£16,000 fine for Swindon landlord

A Swindon HMO landlord has been fined more than £16,000 for cramming too many tenants into a converted guesthouse. Javaid Lone, 59,...

27 October 2015

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£4,000 bill for Sussex landlord who failed to fix toilet

A Worthing landlord has been ordered to pay more than £4,000 for ignoring a council improvement notice. Daniel Woulfe of Rugby Road,...

12 October 2015

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Guaranteed rent agent fined £12k for ignoring complaints

A Leicester estate agent which offers “guaranteed rent” has been ordered to pay more than £12,000 in fines and court costs...

08 September 2015

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